My Friday The 13th (2009)

This day has created terror in mind as a child because my sister and my older cousins always told me that this was the ‘special day’ for scray monsters, ghosts and all things creepy.

Then ofcourse there is the famous movie franchise. The character of Jason Voorhees has done a lot to create fame around the onminous date of Friday the 13th. As I grew up and got into scary movies, the date has always been special to me (well, it’s a guy thing) and I also love the number 13.

Unfortunately for me this Friday the 13th hasn’t been all that good. What with not keeping well and working almost the whole day from home despite that. Having my client spoc try to boss around my second in line and having to have a word with her about that. Arranging so many trainings and also being in a length conference call from 3 pm till 5:15 pm. I also fell asleep in between (strong cough medicine is the guilty party here) the call and had my cell phone drop and get disconnected from the call.

Hope tomorrow is a much better day :)