Who Do You Think You Are – Dala

Dala consists of Sheila Carabine and Amanda Walther, both of Scarborough, Ontario. The duo perform a mostly acoustic, breezy folk pop music with rich vocal harmonies & strong song writing skills. The duo released their first album in 2005 and Who Do You Think You Are is their 3rd album, released on August 14th, 2007.

We start off the title track Who Do You Think You Are a song about unrequited love which has a lovely harmony lines. Next comes the sexy sounding Anywhere Under The Moon, with a little shout out to the city of Winnipeg. Lyrically the song is about driving to be with the love of your life. Sunday Dress is about an abuse victim who is searching for an escape and pick up the peices of her her life. A little bit naive, a little innocent is the look back at youthful thoughs in Marilyn Monroe.

Hockey Sweater is about missing your lover when they are away during the holidays and you are holding on to something of theirs in order to miss them less. $5 Pearls is about two people who are very different trying to work it out but they know that it’s totally polar opposites. Sweetest Ones is a song about how the loss of the things that mean the most to you will always hurt you the most. Don’t Wait is about unattainable dreams of one in contradiction with the simple wishes of the other.

Perfect Photo is another simple song yet breathtaking sweet with rich harmonies. Too Much Of Everything & Don’t Believe The Actress close out the album with some delicate melodies and longing in the voices. The latter is particularly endearing. Enjoy the songs, enjoy the video to Anywhere Under The Moon.

Sunday In Review

I just got the internet back on. Well, it must have come back on around 5 or 6 in the evening but I just came home and so I’m connected back online. The net went down last evening around 6:30 pm or so as Tata’s Kochi server was facing some issues. I lodged a complaint with their call center and was told to expect it up only by the next day.

Yesterday around 12 pm I went to Coffee Beanz for brunch – cold coffee crunch and a grilled chicken sandwich. Next to me sat 3 girls, 2 of whom were around 15-16 and a girl around 20-22 who was apparently their older cousin. This girl, although a looker, was so loud and chatted stupidly on her cell phone a lot and I gave them a couple of rude looks. Oblivious to my stares, this girl went on yakking loudly. They were soon joined by two boys around 18 and the older girl and one of the boys started fighting.

Well not an actual fight, more like sibling fighting of the silliest kind. They were slapping each other on the face and arms in public! I almost lost my cool and started to tell them to behave. Then they must have realized that other people were watching them and they only went to verbal jabs at each other. I couldn’t wait for my check to come and I paid it off as soon as it came.

The rest of the day was fine – checked out the latest dvds (bought a couple) and also checked out to see what the price for an unlocked Blackberry Curve 8320 and Bold were going for – it was Rs.13500 for the Curve and Rs.30000 for the Bold. Gulping down my sadness I walked about until I was thirsty enough and then headed over to Velocity for some vodka and some chicken fry.