Former Neighbours

Just after I woke up this morning, I was informed by my parents that our former neighbour of 19 years & family friend had passed away in the early hours of the morning. I hadn’t met him since we moved away from suburban Thrikkakara but having known this person for over 2 decades, it makes me sad to hear of his passing.

He was a former engineer who also owned a supermarket that had to fold because of a much larger chain of similar styled supermarket came into being and took most of his business away. I’ll always remember him & his late wife, in their welcoming house. Many years ago, when my parents would be away in the evening and I came home from class, they would leave the keys with these neighbours and when I would go to get the keys to my house from them, neighter he nor his wife would let me go without having tea or snacks. I would come up with excuses so I could refuse their hospitality.

His wife, who passed away due to cancer a few years back was this cheerful woman who my mom commented as “never been seen without a genuine smile on her face”, was a sweet & caring person. Her family kept her suffering private for a few years and it came as a shock to many when they finally knew about her battle with cancer. Mr. & Mrs. V – you both will be greatly missed.