Born To Be Prey

I finally like Star Trek : Deep Space 9 enough to download the series and start watching from scratch. Captive Pursuit is the 6th episode of the 1st season. It’s episodes like this that reminds me why I feel that the franchise is the best thing to ever happen for television.

Tosk is a reptilian-humanoid species bred for pursuit; to trained to be excellent prey by a hunter species. The hunters are another race also part of their planet that lies in the Gamma Quadrant. Tosk are only sentient because the Hunters made them this way (this implies a degree of genetic engineering on their part). The meaning of life for a Tosk is to outsmart the Hunters for another day. The only greater dishonor for a Tosk than being captured and returned to their home planet alive is to seek protection from another race. They take an oath of silence regarding the hunt preventing them from even talking about it with anyone else. The Tosk are treated with respect and admiration by the Hunters.

Now, this cannot be understood by human beings. In this episode, the Tosk is befriended by Chief O’Brien, who cannot come to terms with the fact that his new friend has to endure a life of being treated as prey and, since he is caught in the jail of another species, will be shamefully exhibited back on their planet. O’Brien defies his commander’s order & helps Tosk escape and thereby restoring his dignity & honour – the hunt goes on.

Can you imagine an exsistence like that? Being bred only for becoming someone else’s prey. What kind of an exsistence will that be? And yet, in Tosk’s case that is the only life he has known. Or even wants!

Lion & Bear But No Tiger – Oh My!

I had this weird dream last night. This is my original intention to start a blog – to capture these dreams in words before I forget them.

I was about 20-22 and back in our house in Thrikkakara. There was a news item on the tv about a freakish animal that looked like a lion but could also change it’s shape to another wild animal for an hour or so. It would take a lot of energy from it and it would be barely able to move in it’s changed form. However, while in the shape of a lion it was very agile.

The next thing I know, I hear a sound in the kitchen and I go there to see what it is. Sure enough, a full grown lion is on the breakfast table, growling and on seeing me, starts stalking me. I am unable to close the door and trap the lion in the kitchen and so I run to the living room and hope to escape via the front door. Too late – the lion has leaped in front and is covering my path to the front door. He encircles me and it looks like he is about to pounce. He then speaks!

And not just speaks, the son of a bitch is taunting me! He tells that he can smell my fear and that he enjoys killing a creature who fears him and that the flesh tastes  better. He then tells me that he had tricked a few of my personal heroes (like sports players, musicians & actors) recently and that they are all dead. I am stunned. Then the lion starts spouting philosophy and telling me about how humans should all just die out and leave the animals to rule the earth. How humans are a thorn in the side of mother nature and how he loves to kill us.

Like I said, he can change into another creature’s form. This he does but first he lunges for me and I stick my hand into his mouth. Although he hadn’t noticed this, I had found a non-tearable glove and slipped it on my right hand. Thus, although my hand is shoved into his mouth, he cannot tear into the flesh. He then changes shape right in front of my eyes (and still with his jaws covering my hand) into a bear. His bear jaws now dig deep into my hand and I can feel pain but there’s no blood.

I beg for my life but the bear creature does not budge and still grips onto me. But then I remember something – it is vunerable now! Only in it’s lion form can it move freely; as a bear it cannot exert itself. I drag the bear to the front of the house and towards the gate. The bear is not too big and I can even lift it with my hand as it is now weak and except for it’s teeth gripping into my hand, it poses no threat as long as it remains a bear. I then ask it once again to let me go. It refuses.

Angry and powered by adrenaline, I swing my hand against the brick wall. Since it’s head is covering my hand, I expect the bear’s head to get injured enough so that it will have to release it’s grip on me. I keep swinging and banging it’s head against the wall. My father then comes in through the gate. I ask him for help. He gets a huge electric rod (that works much like a taser) and tells me to get my hand free. After a couple of more hits against the wall, the bear’s skull cracks and it loses consciousness and I can get my hand free. My hand hurts but there is no blood.

My father then hits the stick against the form of the bear and wacks it good. The bear is nearing death. I get a huge knife and stab it several times. We then drag the dead animal outside and dump it in some nearby open land. We then go back home.

How weird was that!