7000 Thousand Bucks Down

Today turned out to be one hell of a shitty motherfucking day after all. I hate this fucking day. I am so pissed off and there’s nothing I can do about it but wait for 2 weeks.

So what happened was that I left the apartment at around 12:30 pm to head out to Marine Drive. I thought I’ll get some coffee @ Barista and chill for some time. Then I’d go have a late lunch with some drinks. I also wanted to take out the remainder of the amount in my account so I decided to stop at the SBI atm in Marine Drive. While I stood in line at the ATM, I hear the people in front saying that the ATM wasn’t working. Now, I bank with ICICI but you can use any ATM. A bank employee told us that they have another ATM on Broadway road, which is just parralle to this road.

So, ok it’s nearby and so I walked over to that ATM and waited in line again to take my money out. I wanted Rs.400 in 100s and the rest could be in Rs.500 notes, so I took Rs.400 first and then I put the card in again and tried to take Rs.6900 (the balance was Rs.6976) out of the account. I got the ‘Sorry, we are temporarily unable to complete the transaction” error message twice. So I guessed that the ATM was down and left the area and went to Barista for some much needed coffee.

And holy shit! As soon as I entered the cafe, I got an SMS alert from ICICI that Rs.6900 had been deducted from my account. What the fuck! I couldn’t enjoy my coffee and got out of there quickly to go and check again. I made my way over to another ATM and checked my account balance – yes, it stated that there was only Rs.76 remaining. I had just lost almost 7 thousand bucks! Devastated I tried to calm myself down and called up the ICICI customer care number and lodged a complaint.

The only explanation is that the money left ICICI but SBI had errors in their ATM system, I never got it. They told me that it will take 12 working days for the resolution. Rs.6900 – gone just like that. I do hope that I will get it back. I had saved that money to put together with December’s salary and perhaps get the Blackberry I’ve been wanting for so long. But there was another reason for me going to get it today – I was going to give it to my dad for some debt that he was finding hard to pay off. And now I can’t.

No wonder I feel like crap.

Don’t Stare, Fuckface

As it is yesterday evening I was in a foul mood. And when I’m in a foul mood I’m not usually the nice guy that I think I usually am. Or whatever.

Around 6:30 pm I went down and across the road to the little store where I usually buy provisions from. I was standing there waiting my turn and this fucking stupid looking kid of about 19-20 comes along. From his accent I can make out that he is Tamilian. Skinny bastard in shorts and a dumb open mouth look to his face. I order my items : jar of oats, bananas, sugar & some other stuff and ask the shop owner the cost. He calculates it and then gets a bag to put the stuff in.

All this while stupid fuck next to me is staring at me. He then picks up the jar of oats that I had bought, turns it around & reads the label. Then he looks at my feet and continues staring. I wonder what is this prick’s problem. Then I take out my wallet and count out the money – the fucker is now staring at my money! I give him a “fuck you asshole” look and stare him down. Bastard then looks away and can’t look back at me.

I paid for my stuff and gave him another dirty look, which he didn’t have the balls to return, and went back home.