Long Ride Back Home

Back to work after a long but totally unenjoyable 3 day weekend. I sure won’t forget these last 3 shitty days in a hurry, although it would be wise to do so. I knew that there would be a ton of emails to sort through and issues to sort out. That is what I mostly have to do at work these days – sort out issues.

A 2 hour Head of Departments meeting started at 12pm and post that we went up to the cafeteria for a late lunch. Sitting with my team for some quick preparations for December and then back down to my seat. I worked till about 8:30 pm at which point I shut down my system and went to chat with the Tech head for a few minutes. Then a girl from HR and I took a company cab to go home at 9 pm – well I had to drop her first as there has to be a male staff member accompanying a female staff till her home.

So we sat in the car as it drove all the way to Fort Kochi where her home is situated. Along the way we bought a packet of sweet banana chips to munch on. That, and a mini burger from the office at around 7pm, ended up as being my dinner. I love the city sights at night with the glow lights & signs beautifully captured in the dark.

Upgraded To WordPress 2.8.6

WordPress has been releasing upgrades of itself quite frequently, fixing bugs and adding stuff as they go along. It wasn’t that far back when I had upgraded to version 2.8.1 and within a few weeks it went up to 2.8.5.

The latter version was stable for a while I guess but here comes 2.8.6. So, ok – tinking around with themes last evening caused some problems and I decided to download the latest version of WP just to see if it would solve it. It didn’t (turns out that it was a problem with one of the plugins that I had installed and a compatability issue with a new theme that I was trying out) but it’s what my blog is running on now.

2.8.6 fixes two security problems that can be exploited by registered, logged in users who have posting privileges.  If you have untrusted authors on your blog, upgrading to 2.8.6 is recommended. The first problem is an XSS vulnerability in Press This discovered by Benjamin Flesch.  The second problem, discovered by Dawid Golunski, is an issue with sanitizing uploaded file names that can be exploited in certain Apache configurations.