Snooze Theories

I’ve noticed that my sleep patterns are so different now in my 30s. I used to be able to get by on so little sleep, watching football matches late into the night. Now, a game starting at 11 pm is a no-no for me. I guess age is catching up. Although I still do sleep a little less than I should be on the weekdays (around 6 hours) I catch up on it during the weekends. Like this Saturday after work, and a couple of beers, I came home and tried to watch a dvd at night.

By around 12 pm I was snoring away to glory but just about managed to stop the dvd and switch off my monitor. Then it was sleep till about 8:30 am. And on Sunday afternoonm try as I might I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. So I slept like a baby till about 5:30 pm. Refreshed and energized I went about the rest of my evening doing the usual Sunday things.

Last night I only got in about 5 hours of sleep but I’m sure that means that I’ll pay for it with an early night tonight. I’ll probably shut down around 11 or 11:30 pm this evening and I’ll be so worn out that I won’t dream and when I wake up, I’ll be wondering where did the hours go by! Sigh, aging!

Let It Out

Wither by Dream Theatre – a beautiful & ethereal ballad. This epic video showcases life on the road for a hard touring rock band. It’s not all glitz and glamour. It’s endless hours in a bus, travelling city to city without actually seeing the places, arranging the equipment, getting ready, the boredom of waiting and missing your family. And all this for the 2-3 hours live on stage in front of screaming fans.

Sens Update Nov 22nd, 09

Last night the Ottawa Senators met up with the Buffalo Sabres and ended up with a 5-3 victory. Senators backup goalie Brian Elliot replaced injured starter Pascal Leclaire to start the third and made 16 saves to pick up the win as Ottawa topped the Buffalo Sabres 5-3. Daniel Alfredsson led the way with two goals and an assist for Ottawa and Filip Kuba scored his first of the season as part of a four-point night as the Senators (11-6-3) extended their winning streak to three games. Chris Kelly and Milan Michalek, with the game-winner, also scored for the Senators in front of 17,206 at Scotiabank Place.

Much more impressive was the way the Sens beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 2 nights ago. Suiting up for the 800th game of his NHL career, Senators defenceman Chris Phillips led the attack in a 6-2 victory by scoring 2 goals. Mike Fisher chipped in with three assists, while Chris Kelly, Alex Picard and Nick Foligno all had two-point efforts. Goaltender Pascal Leclaire wasn’t tested a lot by the Pens, but he made 25 stops. Milan Michalek, Matt Carkner and Jonathan Cheechoo also scored for the Senators.

Leclaire had a 30 save starring role in a 3-2 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs on the 17th. Fisher had 2 goals and Michalek had the 3rd, his 8th of the season. On the 14th we lost 1-2 to the New York Rangers in which Brian Lee scored for Ottawa. And last week Friday we had a bad 1-5 loss to Philadelphia in which only Fisher scored.

This Long Week

After a long and shitty week (10-12 hours for 6 days on average), I needed a break. I need more than a break – I need a change of pace and scenery. I might even need a new face and life!

Today another problem reared it’s ugly head at us. And although it’s not directly or indirectly involving my team or department it still was devastating. A guy who was with us for almost 3 years was caught manipulating data and he was sacked. The thing is that he wasn’t doing this for the first time and he was covered many times. But this time he wasn’t going to be saved. Not after the numerous warnings and feedback that he has been given. There was no going back and he knew it. It’s sad that it had to end this way.

Anyway, I needed a break and some charging up. I wanted to sleep in on Sunday and so after I left the office, I headed for Oberoi bar on M G Road.  I got me a couple of beers and some chicken omlette. The bar was noisy, with three guys at the table right next to me (for some reason, they keep the tables too close to each other for comfort) and it negated some of the effects of the beer. I had to make a couple of phone calls as well and I did it while sipping on beer.

Now for Sunday. I don’t want to get a call, I don’t want to talk to anybody. I just want to be left alone and by myself. I’ll get me some light food for the day and some coffee and I’ll be fine.

Friday The 13th

In the madness that is the rebooting business in television & movie industry, horror franchise Friday The 13th also recently went through a facelift. Marcus Nisplel directed this movie, which after watching till the end, I wondered what new contribution did he think he was doing?

We start the movie with a disfigured little Jason watching his mother Pamela Voorhees (Nana Visitor) chasing a camp counselor, who is pleading for her life. He witnesses his mother getting beheaded by a machete. About 30 years later a group of campers looking for planted marijuana. A grown up mean Jason kills the rest of the group one-by-one but instead of doing the same to Whitney (Amanda Righetti) he decides to kidnap her because she resembles his mother at a young age. Later her brother Clay Miller (Jared Padalecki) rides on his bike in the area surrounding the abandoned camp looking for her.

6 weeks later a group of friends arrive at one of the guy’s summer cabin. Clay meets up with one of the girls in the cabin, Jenna, (Danielle Panabaker) who agrees to help him in his search for his sister. Jason slowly picks his targets and starts killing the group. Finally only brother & sister are left and they managed to distract him long enough to stab him in the chest with his own machete. However after Clay dumps Jason’s seemingly lifeless body in the lake, the monster leaps up and grabs Whitney – and the movie ends.

There’s quite a bit of nudity in the movie. The first campers has a nude boobies scne and then a sex scene. Two of Jason’s victims are waterskiing and the girl is topless. Also there is a humping scene in the cabin – excellent humping scene I might add. The one and only highlight of this movie is watching young, luscious & busty Julianna Guill bouncing on top of a guy in an extensive sex scene that serves no purpose – but isn’t that the best kind!

Made on a $19 million budget the movie has reportedly made approximately $91 million. However I fail to understand why the reboot was made – Julianna’s nude scene could have been made in a normal continuity of the original franchise! 7 outta 10!

Former Neighbours

Just after I woke up this morning, I was informed by my parents that our former neighbour of 19 years & family friend had passed away in the early hours of the morning. I hadn’t met him since we moved away from suburban Thrikkakara but having known this person for over 2 decades, it makes me sad to hear of his passing.

He was a former engineer who also owned a supermarket that had to fold because of a much larger chain of similar styled supermarket came into being and took most of his business away. I’ll always remember him & his late wife, in their welcoming house. Many years ago, when my parents would be away in the evening and I came home from class, they would leave the keys with these neighbours and when I would go to get the keys to my house from them, neighter he nor his wife would let me go without having tea or snacks. I would come up with excuses so I could refuse their hospitality.

His wife, who passed away due to cancer a few years back was this cheerful woman who my mom commented as “never been seen without a genuine smile on her face”, was a sweet & caring person. Her family kept her suffering private for a few years and it came as a shock to many when they finally knew about her battle with cancer. Mr. & Mrs. V – you both will be greatly missed.

Ricardo La Bomba On Simpsons

Peggy Black, 52, of Orange, Conn., won a contest to create a character for Fox’s long-running animated series, with her entry triumphing among the more than 25,000 received, the network said Thursday. Ricardo Bomba is someone that all the women love and all the men want to be, as describe by his creator.

Bomba will be introduced in the Jan. 31 episode featuring guest star Chris Martin of Coldplay. The episode had been mostly completed, with a spot reserved for the contest character. In “Million Dollar Maybe,” Homer Simpson is rushing to meet Marge for a date when he encounters Bomba in the episode that centres on a winning lottery ticket. It’s possible Bomba could appear again, said executive producer Al Jean, who helped judge the contest. He described the contest, part of the show’s celebration of its 20th year, as a thank you to loyal fans.

So Not Worth It

Working for a corporate company that’s located in a metro city and you are siting in the south. All the stress and none of the glory or the glamour. Demands for data & analysis at the drop of a hat. They change all the formats and expect the reports to come to you yesterday.

The work is piling up and the pressure mounts. Ungrateful clients who do not know a thing and yet are arrogant & who have the upper hand just because they are the clients.

Longer hours, married women with kids having issues at home because of said long hours. I had to sit with one lady (not in my department) who was upset because of the long hours piled on her, especially since her team lead is lying ill at home, and she was facing trouble because her folks do not like her working late. Added to that, the pressure to complete unexpected reports at the last moment. My second in command is a married girl who has a 3 year old kid and I needed her to work a 12 hour today as well. I did what I could and arranged for a cab for  both ladies at 9 pm.

Shanahan Announces Retirement

Brendan Shanahan is retiring from the NHL after 21 seasons and an almost certain Hall of Fame career. The 40-year-old forward announced Tuesday that he wouldn’t play again. After going through training camp with the New Jersey Devils, the team he spent his final season with, he and the club mutually parted unexpectedly shortly before opening night of the season. Shanahan, who scored 656 career goals, decided to leave the Devils in October one day after he was told there was no spot for him on New Jersey’s top three lines. He has not played this season.

Shanahan ranks 11th on the league’s career goals list and is the only player with 600 goals and 2,000 penalty minutes. The eight-time all-star also played for St. Louis, Hartford, Detroit and the New York Rangers. He won three Stanley Cup titles with Detroit. The left-winger rejoined the Devils last season after the Rangers declined to offer him a deal to return to New York for a third year. Shanahan went back to New Jersey, the team that selected him with the No. 2 pick in the 1987 draft, and agreed to a deal in mid-January. Shanahan recorded 1,354 points and 2,489 penalty minutes in 1,524 NHL games.

Who Do You Think You Are – Dala

Dala consists of Sheila Carabine and Amanda Walther, both of Scarborough, Ontario. The duo perform a mostly acoustic, breezy folk pop music with rich vocal harmonies & strong song writing skills. The duo released their first album in 2005 and Who Do You Think You Are is their 3rd album, released on August 14th, 2007.

We start off the title track Who Do You Think You Are a song about unrequited love which has a lovely harmony lines. Next comes the sexy sounding Anywhere Under The Moon, with a little shout out to the city of Winnipeg. Lyrically the song is about driving to be with the love of your life. Sunday Dress is about an abuse victim who is searching for an escape and pick up the peices of her her life. A little bit naive, a little innocent is the look back at youthful thoughs in Marilyn Monroe.

Hockey Sweater is about missing your lover when they are away during the holidays and you are holding on to something of theirs in order to miss them less. $5 Pearls is about two people who are very different trying to work it out but they know that it’s totally polar opposites. Sweetest Ones is a song about how the loss of the things that mean the most to you will always hurt you the most. Don’t Wait is about unattainable dreams of one in contradiction with the simple wishes of the other.

Perfect Photo is another simple song yet breathtaking sweet with rich harmonies. Too Much Of Everything & Don’t Believe The Actress close out the album with some delicate melodies and longing in the voices. The latter is particularly endearing. Enjoy the songs, enjoy the video to Anywhere Under The Moon.

Sunday In Review

I just got the internet back on. Well, it must have come back on around 5 or 6 in the evening but I just came home and so I’m connected back online. The net went down last evening around 6:30 pm or so as Tata’s Kochi server was facing some issues. I lodged a complaint with their call center and was told to expect it up only by the next day.

Yesterday around 12 pm I went to Coffee Beanz for brunch – cold coffee crunch and a grilled chicken sandwich. Next to me sat 3 girls, 2 of whom were around 15-16 and a girl around 20-22 who was apparently their older cousin. This girl, although a looker, was so loud and chatted stupidly on her cell phone a lot and I gave them a couple of rude looks. Oblivious to my stares, this girl went on yakking loudly. They were soon joined by two boys around 18 and the older girl and one of the boys started fighting.

Well not an actual fight, more like sibling fighting of the silliest kind. They were slapping each other on the face and arms in public! I almost lost my cool and started to tell them to behave. Then they must have realized that other people were watching them and they only went to verbal jabs at each other. I couldn’t wait for my check to come and I paid it off as soon as it came.

The rest of the day was fine – checked out the latest dvds (bought a couple) and also checked out to see what the price for an unlocked Blackberry Curve 8320 and Bold were going for – it was Rs.13500 for the Curve and Rs.30000 for the Bold. Gulping down my sadness I walked about until I was thirsty enough and then headed over to Velocity for some vodka and some chicken fry.

Children’s Day @ The Office

Today being Children’s Day in India, there was a plan in the office to collect money, clothes, books, pens, pencils or anything that could be deemed useful for orphaned kids. An HR drive all these things were collected and donated to an orphange in the city and some of the employees were selected to go and present it to the kids.

Also, HR thought that it would be nice to have employees bring their kids to work. You know, have some competitions, drawings & colourings, some games for these kids. Only about 20 kids, all under the age of 6 came to the office and they must have had a jolly good time judging by the shit eating grins on their faces. Or maybe it was chocolate.

I myself gave a chocolate to a little 2.5 year old spitfire girl who is the neice of one of my trainers. She was having a ball, enjoying the attention of all and parroting what ever you told her to say. She called me chettan (big brother), uncle and grandfather (?????) all within the gap of 2 minutes!

By 5pm the noise had all died down as the kids were packed off and there was peace and quite. So I went to get some coffee and complete my work for the day.

Are You Sick Enough?

After a few days of normal temperature, things then got warm. It started getting hot & sweaty in the nights and the sheets start sticking to your legs.

And then it started raining! And when I mean raining, I mean RAINING! Animals were looking around for guys named Noah.

It rained quite a bit for a few days and then it stopped. Back to warm days once again. And hot nights! Nights when you hate the fact that you are Indian and have body hair! Ofcourse the damn blasted mosquitoes don’t help you either. And now the rains are back.

All this while, the air conditioner in the office has been cranked up to the maximum – why? Because some fucking dignitaries were in town and to please them (yeah, I can’t understand why) the admin & facilities team put the AC on full blast and make sure that every blinding tubelight in the building is switched on at all times. It hurts my eyes and my body!

So I come in from either the warm sun, or the rains, into this deep freezer and then I go out in the evening and it’s warm or it’s raining and it creates havoc with my sinus. I’ve been getting ill quite often lately and the reason is this abnormal weather that we’ve been experiencing plus the AC in the office. I dunno how much longer I can take of this.  Atleast today they had the sense to keep it at a lower level which was comfortable to all.