My Friday The 13th (2009)

This day has created terror in mind as a child because my sister and my older cousins always told me that this was the ‘special day’ for scray monsters, ghosts and all things creepy.

Then ofcourse there is the famous movie franchise. The character of Jason Voorhees has done a lot to create fame around the onminous date of Friday the 13th. As I grew up and got into scary movies, the date has always been special to me (well, it’s a guy thing) and I also love the number 13.

Unfortunately for me this Friday the 13th hasn’t been all that good. What with not keeping well and working almost the whole day from home despite that. Having my client spoc try to boss around my second in line and having to have a word with her about that. Arranging so many trainings and also being in a length conference call from 3 pm till 5:15 pm. I also fell asleep in between (strong cough medicine is the guilty party here) the call and had my cell phone drop and get disconnected from the call.

Hope tomorrow is a much better day

It’s Time To Brush!

This morning I was in for a rude shock that shook me up and woke me up real good. Actually I was awake when this happened but I was only half-awake.

You see, the alarm woke me around 6:30 am and sleepy eyed I went into the bathroom and did a half hearted attempt at washing my face awake. I then proceeded to pick up my toothbrush and toothpaste. Or what I thought was my toothpaste!

I’ve been using Colgate Gel toothpaste which comes in a bright red tube almost exclusively now. And for the last few month, I’ve been using AXE shaving cream which comes in a predominantly dark blue tube. Two days back when I went to the store, they had run out of AXE so instead I picked up a tube of Old Spice Shaving cream – which comes in a bright… red….coloured tube!

Needless to say, I squeezed some Old Spice shaving cream onto my toothbrush and brushed my teeth. It burned and stung my tongue and my teeth felt like it’s was on fire. I quickly spat it out and washed my teeth & tongue with water. I then brushed my teeth with the proper toothpaste and then, just before drinking 2 cups of coffee, I chewed on some Orbit chewing gum to get rid of the taste.

But even now, 15 hours or so later and after breakfast, lunch, more coffee and dinner, I can still feel my teeth protesting! Sheesh!

RIP Robert Enke

The footballing world is in mourning for Germany and Hanover 96 goalkeeper Robert Enke who died after being hit by a train in an apparent suicide. He was 32. Enke’s body was found at a train crossing in Neustadt am Ruebenberge near Hanover.

Enke, 32, won eight international caps and was in the running to play at the World Cup in South Africa next year. Enke, who had spells with clubs in Spain, Turkey and Portugal before signing for Bundesliga team Hanover in 2004. Enke had been suffering from depression and he had a fear of failure. Speaking at a news conference called by his club, Teresa Enke said her 32-year-old husband was afraid their adopted daughter would be taken away from the family if his illness became public knowledge.

The couple’s biological daughter died three years ago from a heart problem she had from birth when she was 2. Police said Wednesday they had found a suicide note, with no indications the death was anything but a suicide. Valentin Markser, a doctor who treated Enke, said the goalkeeper first sought treatment in 2003, when he lost his starting place at Barcelona and developed anxieties and fear of failure. The German football federation canceled a friendly with Chile slated for Saturday in Cologne. Hundreds of Hannover fans paid tribute to Enke at the stadium Wednesday.

Sens Update Nov 11th, 09

Well I missed the 5 match update which closed out October but I’ll go with the update of the 3 games played in November so far. On the 5th of November Jason Spezza scored a power-play goal 4:17 into overtime to give the Ottawa Senators a 3-2 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Spezza also assisted on Daniel Alfredsson’s first-period goal, but his first tally of the season couldn’t have been more timely. Mike Fisher also scored for Ottawa and Pascal Leclaire made 18 saves in the third meeting between the two teams this season, the second in seven days.

Two days on Saturday, at home the Sens lost 2-3 to the New Jersey Devils. Milan Michalek and Brian Lee scored for the Senators. Pascal Leclaire, celebrating his 27th birthday, stopped 22 shots.

And last night Spezza scored the winning goal in the shootout for the Ottawa Senators, who came from behind twice to beat the Edmonton Oilers 4-3 on Tuesday night. Chris Neil scored his third goal of the season with just under seven minutes left in regulation to give the Senators a 3-2 lead. Jonathan Cheechoo and Nick Foligno also scored for the Senators. Leclaire made 31 saves.

Star Trek : TOS Women 2

Another specimen (and what a sexy specimen at that) of my theory that the Star Trek Original Series women and women of the 60’s were of a sexier class all of their own. In Dagger Of The Mind (season 1, episode 10) we see Dr. Helen Noel, played by Mariann Hill.

Hill was born in Italy and lived in several countries before her family setting in the US. That Italian chic look, with pouty lips and a dimple – ohh, it was love & lust for me at first sight.

Her ability to learn a number of accents combined with a vaguely foreign beauty, earned her a number of feature film and television roles. She worked steadily from the early 1960s until the early 1980s. Her film work included a number of B-movies, such as The Invisible Strangler. She is cousin to retired American general H. Norman Schwarzkopf.

Dr. Helen Noel was a psychiatrist with a background in rehabilitative therapy, and a member of Doctor Leonard McCoy’s medical staff aboard the USS Enterprise in 2266. in Dagger Of The Mind, she and Captain Kirk visited the penal colony to talk with Dr. Tristan Adams and learn about the accident that occurred there. They discover a neural neutralizer whose effects render patients highly susceptible to suggestions and which was being manipulated by Dr. Adams and his staff to conduct unauthorized experiments.

Our lovely lady manages to get into the action, fighting off the villians and finds the power controls and deactivate the security force field. That field protects the facility, and prevents transporters from operating in it. Noel manages to deactivate the field long enough for Spock and a security force to beam down and secure the colony.

A Lovely Marpole Apartment

This 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath is huge & spacious. There’s a humungous balcony/sitout and a triangle shaped den. Living room = huge, master bedroom = huge, second bedroom = big. You can put an NHL size rink in the bedroom and a football pitch in the living room+dining area. Love this apartment.

Only complaint that I have is the bathroom attached to the master bedroom – it’s only a sink and a toilet – where’s the bathtub and shower? That aside, it’s a wonderful layout.

Aerosmith To Split-up?

Are Aerosmith headed for a breakup? All the signs are there. Aerosmith played a triumphant set to a crowd of over 50,000 adrenalized punters at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix but the future of Aerosmith looks uncertain at moment as they approach their 40th anniversary in 2010.  Since falling off stage whilst the band were on tour with ZZ Top, leader singer Steven Tyler has decided to pull out of a planned South American tour at the end of the year and seems intent on pursuing solo projects, as he revealed to Classic Rock.

Lead guitarist & Tyler’s co-songwriter Joe Perry was quite upset at having to cancel the last few gigs and he was vocal about it. He also took advantage of the recent break by recording and releasing a new solo album – Have Guitar, Will Travel – and will be touring in the States over the next couple of months with talks of doing some dates in Japan and the UK early next year. Off stage the story is bleak – as with the last three shows, none of the band see Tyler until the opening number and his dressing room is located quite a distance from the rest of the group.

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

I dunno why this particular memory came to me in a flashback or sorts. Probably because I was looking at links for online radio stations. That must have been what triggered it. Anyway, when I was about 14-15 (that would be 1990-91) there was a music request show on the one & only radio AM channel here in Kerala.  I can’t remember what the heck was the name of the request show; all I remember is that they had this crappy anchor and their song selection usually sucked!

Anyhow since we had no other options, some of us kids back then used to tune in to the weekly show just to see if we could get any of our requests on the air. And it so happened that for my 15th birthday my cousin Manoj, his sister Sandhya and my sister had mailed in a request (this was the snail mail period, kids) to try and make my dad a very special one. I think it was Manoj who wrote the letter and he had sent in a huge list of some of my favourite rock songs and begged them to play one of this list.

Well the big day came and in the afternoon, pretending not to show their excitement, the three stooges joined me in the living room and turned on the radio. We listened to the DJ toss out request after request (it was an hour show if I do remember correctly) and the three of them were getting desperate as their request was not read out. Sure enough for the last song, along with other dedications, the DJ read out “and the next song goes out to Roshan on his birthday from his sister & cousins”……….

……and the son of a bitch plays “Kung Fu Fighting”! Of all the songs. My cousins & sister groaned and cursed the DJ, while I wondered did they not know me at all to dedicate such a stupid song for me? And that too on my birthday! It was all explained to me by 3 dissappointed people. Anyways, even if they didn’t get the DJ to play me one of my favourite songs, I’ll always remember this incident.

Shatner Aka Captain Kirk Get’s Waxed

William Shatner appeared at Madame Tussauds on the 4th of November to unveil his wax likeness. As reported by TrekToday several days ago, Shatner was immortalized in wax as Captain Kirk.

Shatner pushed a button on a control and Captain Kirk from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan was revealed, standing next to his white command chair and wearing the red uniform top and black trousers that the Star Trek crew wore in The Wrath of Khan.

“Oh my goodness!” exclaimed Shatner, who then went and stood next to the figure. “You know there’s wax in his ears,” he joked.

Arsenal 4 Wolverhampton 1

Arsenal’s good form continues as do the wins and the goals. Post another fine display to dismantle Wolverhampton, Arsene Wenger’s side moves into second place in the Premier League.

The Gunners were a touch fortunate with their opener as Ronald Zubar turned a Cesc Fabregas corner into his own goal. And Eduardo’s chip went in off Jody Craddock’s head to make it 2-0 before Robin van Persie’s exquisite touch set up Fabregas to score a classy third. Andrey Arshavin struck with a low shot from the edge of the area before Craddock headed in a late consolation.

This result means that Arsenal jump over Manchester United, on goal difference, into second place. United play league leaders Chelsea tonight.

Plans For Sunday Outing Dashed

Two days ago, I had planned to go out with my friends Anil & Madhu today. It had been a while since I had a chance to hang out with the two of them and if we’re not careful, our meetings will become so far apart and months will pass in between us seeing the others. Unfortunately, although everything was planned as of latel last night, Madhu had to cancel at the last moment due to family reasons. Being the only married man among the 3 of us does have it’s effects on him.

Madhu sent me an sms early this morning; I read it first thing as I woke up at a little past 8 am. So Anil and I have decided to call it off for the time being and wait for another chance, possibly next Sunday. So did I want to go out on my own for the day, get some coffee and read in the cafe and possible then go get a few drinks while I ate a late lunch?

The day was just about cold (hasn’t actually rained in my area but some other parts of Cochin has got some rain) and lazy enough for me to not bother taking a shower and get dressed. I instead opted for black coffee, lying on my bed and watching lots of Youtube music videos. By 12:30 I was watching Deep Space 9 and Voyager episodes that I had recently downloaded. By the time I was done with that it was 6 pm. That’s pretty much most of my Sunday. Now for some music.

Shawny Jr. Had Kids

Some of my regular readers may remember me blogging about Shawny Jr, who is my sister’s dog. And who was with me for a year when they first got her as a pup (because some of the other residents in my sister’s apartment building objected to having a dog there).

Well, my sister has become a grandma of sorts. They had got this other dog, a male who is a stray mixed with some other breed. Shawny Jr. was pregnant and last evening she delivered two white puppies of her own.

Jr. is a black lab & dalmation mix but she is mostly black as you can see. The dad of the puppies is mostly white and so the pups are white with just a couple of black spots on their head. I’m not sure but I think Dalmations tends to be almost completely white when they are born and the black spots appear as they grow older. I think my sister wants the pups to look more like Dalmations.

Baby Girl Born

My thoughts are with my cousin at this moment. My cousin’s wife recently had to have an emergency cesarean done. She was 7 months pregnant and had a personal tragedy when her father passed away rather suddenly a few days back. So she traveled from Bangalore to Cochin to be with her family and attend her father’s funeral.

The stress of pregnancy, the sadness and loss felt at the death of her father and the emotional toll that it took on her while arranging the funeral must have had a heavy adverse effect on her and she felt ill. After she was admitted to the hospital, the doctors informed her family that she must have the emergency operation immediately. So a couple of days ago, my cousin and his wife welcomed their first born, a tiny premature baby girl who weight no more than 1 kilo.

I do not know how I am going to go and see this little neice of mine who must stay within the confines of an incubator for about 3 months. But go I must and see this precious little bundle.

New BSG Movie Based On Original

Ok, this is interesting and exciting but I must confess that it might become a bit confusing to the casual observer and only the sci-fi crazy (I include myself among them) will actually get it. Director Bryan Singer is going to take on directing and producing duties for a BSG movie.

“Glen Larson, who created original series back in 1978, will produce as well. The film is not expected to be a continuation of current popular television show that just completed it’s 4 year run on the Syfy network but will be a complete re-imagining of the sci-fi lore that was invented by Larson back in the ’70s.”

Now here’s the confusing part – BSG the original and BSG the reimagined is quite different. I prefer the original premise but the latter has been more successful & popular and it’s more recent as well. So that is what’s gonna be fresh in most people’s memories. So the new movie will be with Cylons that actually look like cylons and not people, no high handed ‘God works in mysterious ways plan’, no ghosts and goblins & hopefully Starbuck will be the womanizing, fun loving dude we all came to admire in the original.