In A Train The Trainer Program

I’m conducting a 3 day Train The Trainer program for one of my newly promoted team member who I need to get certified before I can have him take process training batches. Along with him, I also have 7 new Team Leaders who were also recently promoted from the call center associate level to the TL level. I’m enjoying it but we also have month end reports that are yet to finish and so the pressure is on.

So in the middle of this TTT I also have to fend off calls and answer emails and work on points for ppts. I hate doing that. And once again a VP moron wants a detailed ppt from all our departments at the nth hour and he also changed the format 3 times. What a fucktard! So I left home at 8:45 am and I reached home at 10 pm, with just a 20 minute layover to have dinner.