Michael : Atlantis’s Prodigal Son

As far as Stargate : Atlantis goes they have wonderful casting and a great supply of recurring role actors. The one role that makes the show special in more ways than one is that of the hybrid wraith “Michael”.

Michael (Star Trek fans would know him as the regular cast member Commander Charles ‘Trip’ Tucker from Star Trek : Enterprise) is the name given by the residence of Atlantis to a wraith whom they capture and experiment upon by using a retro-virus created by Dr. Beckett.

The Wraith are part human but most descended from a human life sucking insect known as the Iratus bug. Hence the wraith feed on humans. Michael is injected with the virus and slowly his Wraith DNA is iradicated and he becomes mostly human and has no recollection of his past. The Atlantis team create a story about him being Lt. Michael Kenmore, a soldier assigned to Atlantis and who was attacked by the Wraith.

He must take the injections regularly or he will revert back to his Wraith form. When he finds out what the Atlantis team did to him, he is angry and escapes and thus becomes the nemesis of the team in Atlantis. He does help them when the Wraith reject him, calling him unclean, and feels betrayed and an outcast – not accepted by either humans or the Wraith. As a result one can feel sympathy towards him and understand his madness & anger.

Michael is killed in Season 5.

Le Coo Who Did The Le Poo

My mom has a pet pigeon!

Well, not really but I’m teasing her about it. It seems that a few days ago she found a pigeon on the balcony and when she shooed it away, she noticed that it had an injured leg and that it kept it bent. A few minutes later the pigeon was back, so my mom threw out some rice on the balcony for the pigeon to feed on.

And now, she complains that the pigeon keeps coming back! Eh, mom – yeah right; feeding it is the best way to chase away a stray pigeon! Today while I was at home, this pigeon kept walking into the apartment via the open balcony door and we kept shooing it away. That’s when my mom told me about how she got herself a “pet”.

And then I noticed that the pigeon had left her ‘droppings’ on the balcony. A little dab of poo curtesey the little bird. Like I said to my mom, it’s probably the pigeon’s way of saying ‘thanks’!

Sens Update 7th Dec, 09

On the 23rd of Nov, Ottawa beat the Washington Capitals on an OT goal by MIke Fisher. Peter Regin, Chris Neil & Alexander Picard also scored. Two days later Milan Michalek scored the lone goal in a 1-3 loss to Martin Broduer and his New Jersey Devils.

The very next day Columbus came calling and lost 1-2 to the Sens. Spezza & Nick Foligno scored in a game in which current Senators goalie Pascal Leclaire couldn’t face his former club due to injury. For our last November game, the Bruins defeated us in a shootout – Michalek had a double and Daniel Alfredsson scored once.

This was followed by 3 losses to the San Jose Sharks, the LA Kings & the Coyotes. The Ottawa Senators badly needed to snap their 4 game losing streak. Alex Kovalev and Alfredsson scored in the first two rounds of a shootout for a 4-3 victory on Sunday night.

Jarko Ruutu, Jason Spezza & Filip Kuba scored the regular time goals and goalie Brian Elliot finished with 33 saves and stopped two of three shots in the tiebreaker, helping send Anaheim to its fifth straight loss and salvage the finale of a five-game road trip that began with a shootout loss against Boston.