Shaving : A Pleasure Or A Pain

I think most of my regular readers will know that I have this obsession with body hair – I want nothing to do with it! I wish there was a cheap, quick, painless and hassle free method by which I could get rid of all the hair on my body and not have to deal with stuble.

Facial hair is another matter. I’ve come to think of shaving as a necessary step in waking yourself thoroughly. Waking up, drinking coffee, attending the call of nature, a shower and a shave – these are just different steps of an overall process of waking yourself up and getting ready for the day. Therefore, I do not mind shaving, even if it means shaving everyday.

Even a couple of years back, I wouldn’t shave everyday that I go to the office. I used to shave every alternate day. That is because of two reasons : as I became more and more responsible for stuff at work, I felt that I should look more professional and that look meant being clean shaven every single day. The second reason is more to do with the aging – my 5 0’clock shadow started appearing by 12 pm and hence I do have to shave everyday!

And my shaving kit had eveolved over the years. When I was a teenager and first started shaving, I frowned upon the traditional single blade razor. It was twin blade all the way for me. Until the dawn of the triple blade – 3’s company too and I’ve used 3 blades for a long time. But now there’s the 4 blade razor!

I’ve been using the SuperMax¬† 20-20 4 blade disposable razor for the past couple of months now. It’s an orange coloured stick and cost Rs.20 – not bad considering the fact that I get good usage out of it. I happen to also enjoy shaving with the 4 blade as well as it feels smoother. And it leaves my face feeling almost as smooth as a baby’s bottom. The shadow now comes around 3 pm.

But wait – as I was googling for a picture of the 4 blade (which I couldn’t find) I saw that there was a 5 blade razor from Gillette. 5 blades in one razor! What the heck? I guess you can expect a much smoother & closer shave.

But now here’s the tough question dear reader – do you shave your pits and the land down under? And would you chose to shave with a single blade razor or with 2/3/4/5 blades?