My Friday Night Pizza Dinner

Wow, now that’s what you call a Friday night Pizza dinner.

I had ordered a large Spicy Chicken pizza. It’s hot red pepper and spicy chicken. I can’t eat the entire thing, so I’m gonna save a couple of slices for tomorrow – maybe have it for lunch.

Burp…maybe I shouldn’t have ordered the spicy one. Oh well. A pizza slice saved is a pizza slice gained.

And She Brought A Friend Home

My mom’s pet is becoming something of a little nuisance.

My parents are away, having gone to Thiruvananthapuram last evening and they won’t be back till Sunday. I took the advantage of enjoying a quite evening by myself in the apartment with a simple dinner and watched a bit of tv before I went to sleep. This morning, I woke up, put the kettle on for some coffee and then went to get the paper and opened my windows and the balcony door for some cool morning air.

I then took my coffee to my room and turned to my pc. After a few minutes, I could hear the flapping of wings but didn’t pay much attention for a while. When I went to the kitchen to get more coffee, what do I see? Mom’s pigeon perched on the sofa! And she was not alone; she brought along her friend as well and both them buggers were …I should say, it was probably the bird’s version of lounging!

I did a loud ‘shoo, shoo’ and chased the pigeons before they could ‘bless’ the sofa’ and make a mess. Now I have to keep the balcony door closed or sit there if I want to keep it open. Damn those pigeons!