I Need A New Coffee Cup

Part of the taste in drinking coffee is also in the experience – and the cup that you drink it in.

I’m a regular coffee drinker, atleast 5 cups in a day. Now forget the miniscule paper cups that they provide us at the office for drinking coffee / tea (about the size of the kind that they give you pills in a hospital) but when I’m at home I enjoy sipping my coffee in peace, listening to music or browsing the net while I drink it. The stronger the better; my cup usually lasts me 15-20 minutes and so I ensure that the coffee is boiling hot to begin with.

I currently drink my coffee at home out of these yellow cups that we got free when buying large packets of Bru instant coffee. They aren’t just cutting it anymore. I don’t seem to find any pleasure in using these mugs. I gotta find me a new set of cool looking coffee mugs. How about these funky Star Trek Klingon Empire mugs? Cool!

Arsenal 2 Liverpool 1

I wasn’t able to watch this match live (still not getting ESPN on the old outdated tv) but I tried following it on score updates websites. Without a proper striker in the lineup, Arsenal went away to Liverpool and won 2-1. This result also brought the Gunners smack back into the title race as they are 3rd in the league and have 31 points with a game in hand over Manchester United & Chelsea.

Dutch striker Dirk Kuyt had scored to put Liverpool in the lead just at the interval but Arsene Wenger fired up his squad by berating then during the halftime break. Liverpool’s £18m full-back Glen Johnson, who suffered a torrid afternoon, unwittingly handed Arsenal a route back into the game when he turned Samir Nasri’s cross past Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina five minutes after half-time. And then Andrey Arshavin struck in stunning fashion, controlling brilliantly before firing a thunderous shot high past Reina.

Man Utd (played 16) are in second place with 34 points and Chelsea (played 16) lead the table with 37. Aston Villa (after winning against United) in fourth place have 29.