Last Meeting Of The Year

I’m just back in the apartment after a long day away from home. Today afternoon we were to have the final HOD meeting, the year end workshop/meeting where the DGM/Center head has to show his team the year’s profits, GM and loses. So after working till 2pm, we headed over to the Hotel Nyle Plaza, where in one of their small conference halls (Odyssey) we gathered for a few hours.

After a brief presentation, we were divided into groups of 3 or 4 and given a major task for the next quarter. These groups will have to work on their particular tasks and ensure that it gets achieved. I will need to sit with my team & take them through the plan that we have come up with as well. Post that, each group presented their plans with a final approval recieved from all.

Once that was done, the snacks were brought in – fish fingers, chips, a dip, chicken lollipops, onion pakodas etc. We also had some drinks – whiskey accompanies by either of soda, water, Coke, Sprite or Fanta! I stuck to just three drinks. We also had some games – we were divived into two groups for the evening and a quiz on the company’s Sexual Harrassment policy of all things! But it was fun. My team won, since I have arranged for many sessions on the same when a new batch of trainees join in.

The next was a round where the two groups were sent to each end and we had to throw wet cloths at a bottle and knock it down. It was fun. And the 3rd was the most fun. There are ony two ladies in the group – the men had to walk a ramp and pose for them and they would pick a “Mr.HOD” after assigning us points for the walk! I flexed my muscles (??), kissed my bisceps (???!!!) and flashed my legs at the girls – surprisingly, I did not win!! WTF?

Finally we had a little send off for Ashish, an AM from the HR department. He has opted for a transfer to Mumbai as he hails from the state of Maharastra and he would want to be closer to his family. He’s been with us for 18 months and we wanted to give him a gift. And then we went to have dinner at the hotel’s buffet.

A nice dinner later, we got into cabs and I came home about 30 minutes ago. Tired and in need of rest. Goodnite all!