Tough Wednesday Night

I’ve been busy the last few days but not too busy to not notice that there have been some issues as of late. Silly, silly issues that is nothing other than lack of maturity among the majority of the new members in my team. I know that they need guidance. I know that they might need a firm hand in everything that they deal with. I’m not a strict guy – I like flexibility, I like dedication, I like adjustment, I like fun and interaction. But laying down the law and being the strict fella – that’s not what I like to do.

And although I am not comfortable and happy to do it, sometimes it must be done. Fair warning given, any more issues and no more mister sweet guy Roshan. I can be tough and strict if I want to. Only thing is that I don’t like it. But if I am forced to than I know how to do it.

So after such a day at work, I thought – “hey, it’s only just past 8 pm, why not go for some beer and food at the Oberoi Bar? So there I went, ordered and downed 3 big beer bottles and had some fried rice for dinner. Sitting by myself and evaluating what needs to be done is not so bad on a Wednesday night. Now I am back in my room and about to go to sleep. Good nite folks!