Ode To The Girl In Yellow & Black

I only caught a glimpse of you but that would be enough to last me a lifetime. I was keeping well and hence asked for a cab ride home. At the junction as the car passed you by for a brief few seconds you caught my eye. The moment may have been brief but the effect is hard & strong.

Dressed in a yellow and black outfit, she was trying to pass the road and get to the other side. Like a beautiful bumble bee, you zipped past into and then out of my life. Your eyes – they could stop traffic! And it did! They are so expressive and give out so much emotion with just one stare.

Your walk and the way you stood, was with so much grace and poise. When will I see you again, gorgeous girl in yellow and black?

Murderous Headache

I wasn’t partying or anything neither was I in a celebratory mood. I just felt like having a beer as I made my way over to the bus stop to go on home. So I made my way to Oberoi and had 2 beers on an empty stomach – bad effects usually happen when I do that.

But that’s only because the food was terribly slow in coming to my table as it was an usually busy night with plenty of orders on to of orders being placed just before I came in. End result was that I nursed the two beers on my own without the help of some food. I ordered a third and by then my plate of fried rice & chicken came to my table. I was starving by then and already feeling the effects of the two beers but I soldiered on.

I came home and fell asleep while trying to watch some tv; woke up at 3 am with a murderous headache, a dry mouth, wanting to pee like a dam about to burst and the lights was still on. After visiting the toilet, I tried to sleep but the headache was too much. Managed to get some more rest until 7:45 am when I just had to get up. Hangover is still around but atleast it’s manageable. Some strong black coffee and a cold shower should be able to help.