Good, Bad & Pretty Things – Jessie Farrell

Spurned on by the acceptance of her previous album, Nothing Fancy, Jessie Farrell released her 3rd album overall and second as a country singer. Titled Good, Bad & Pretty Things, it’s a little deceiving – I fail to see the ‘bad’ things in the album while seeing plenty of the other two!

Released in October, we start off with the first song on the cd and the first single. You Make Me Feel is about the energy and the way new love makes you feel. It’s all about the promise of romance and the enthusiasm of youthfullness. Burn So Bright is about going for your dreams and taking chances and letting your passions loose. It should ideally have been the second single but maybe it might get a later release in the new year.

Sober is a ballad in which Jessie compares the obsession of being in a disastrous relationship as being an alcoholic. And the feeling of being liberated as compared to sobriety. It’s one of her best songs till date. A surprising bad-cowgirl-blues number comes next – Nobody Says No is a bar song sung in an in your face manner. Lyrically it’s about living your life by your own rules and not taking stick from anyone. Cha Ching is a fun song about being fond of money & riches & spending on expensive things but admitting that good love is better than that.

Your Fantasy is about just that – being the fantasy of the one you love and willing to do almost anything to play that part. Heart Of Gold is another fun song about finding a good person. Jessie than compares a cheating & bad lover to the Worst Roadside Sandwich in a hilarious manner. The funny music and kids’ chorus also adds to the fun lyrics which are well written. Fried is a bar stomping hill billy romp. Not In Kansas is a love ballad that Jessie sings extremely well, comparing the change in direction of life to the old line.

Lavender Tea is a playful song. The album ends with a love ballad titled New Ways To Love, a show of appreciation for being there for the protagonist. Great album. Sorry but the official video for the first single was removed from Youtube (not sure why) so enjoy a live rendition.

I Am A Knuckana-head!!

One of my embarrassing childhood memories is recorded in a cassette tape and the first time I remember listening to it was when I was around 20 or so. I still remember it very clearly.

I must have been 4 years old or so and my sister Sherine was around 10. My sister had this tape recorder and she was recording us playing around, making me recite stuff and I think there was some singing as well. And then I also remember slurping sounds – we were both having choco-stick ice creams and that got recorded too.

But the embarrassing part was a conversation, which I can’t remember, during which my sister calls me a “knucklehead”, for something silly that I said. I couldn’t pronounce “knucklehead” so I repeated “knuckana-head”! And I kept saying that “I am a kncuckana-head” loudly and you can hear my sister laughing at that.

I wish I could find that tape… I can destroy it once and for all!!