Skyline Apartment In Cochin

To satisfy TechnoDoll‘s request for seeing the inside of an apartment in Cochin, I searched and found a video of a very big 3 bedroom apartment in Edalappy, where an American couple reside! Couldn’t find one by localites.

Anyways, it’s by Kerala based builders Skyline and it’s nice and spacious. My sister’s apartment is kinda similar except that their hall is about half the size of the one shown here.


I know that I’m quite late in watching this movie – bite me! I’ve had a copy of this movie since June but somehow never got round to watching it. And today – they were showing it on HBO when I just happened to switch the tv on in the morning! So I watched it.

Anyways, I just have a few comments on this movie. One is that true to form Will Smith proves that he is the most bankable movie star around. And I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Not that this is a great movie – I would rate it a 5/10 but most people would remember Smith as a cynical superhero who initially no one likes. That and Charlize Theron make this movie watchable. But don’t expect me to be popping this dvd into the drive to watch it again, anytime soon.

The story isn’t fleshed out enough, explanations aren’t enough to convince me or most people I guess. The special effects are cool and some of the stunts are awesome but that’s about it. No ultra-smart or super-villains to make it more exciting. The public’s rediscovered love for Hancock is too quick to be believable. But it’s a fun movie and should be taken in that vein.