Ode To The Girl In Yellow & Black

I only caught a glimpse of you but that would be enough to last me a lifetime. I was keeping well and hence asked for a cab ride home. At the junction as the car passed you by for a brief few seconds you caught my eye. The moment may have been brief but the effect is hard & strong.

Dressed in a yellow and black outfit, she was trying to pass the road and get to the other side. Like a beautiful bumble bee, you zipped past into and then out of my life. Your eyes – they could stop traffic! And it did! They are so expressive and give out so much emotion with just one stare.

Your walk and the way you stood, was with so much grace and poise. When will I see you again, gorgeous girl in yellow and black?

Murderous Headache

I wasn’t partying or anything neither was I in a celebratory mood. I just felt like having a beer as I made my way over to the bus stop to go on home. So I made my way to Oberoi and had 2 beers on an empty stomach – bad effects usually happen when I do that.

But that’s only because the food was terribly slow in coming to my table as it was an usually busy night with plenty of orders on to of orders being placed just before I came in. End result was that I nursed the two beers on my own without the help of some food. I ordered a third and by then my plate of fried rice & chicken came to my table. I was starving by then and already feeling the effects of the two beers but I soldiered on.

I came home and fell asleep while trying to watch some tv; woke up at 3 am with a murderous headache, a dry mouth, wanting to pee like a dam about to burst and the lights was still on. After visiting the toilet, I tried to sleep but the headache was too much. Managed to get some more rest until 7:45 am when I just had to get up. Hangover is still around but atleast it’s manageable. Some strong black coffee and a cold shower should be able to help.

Tough Wednesday Night

I’ve been busy the last few days but not too busy to not notice that there have been some issues as of late. Silly, silly issues that is nothing other than lack of maturity among the majority of the new members in my team. I know that they need guidance. I know that they might need a firm hand in everything that they deal with. I’m not a strict guy – I like flexibility, I like dedication, I like adjustment, I like fun and interaction. But laying down the law and being the strict fella – that’s not what I like to do.

And although I am not comfortable and happy to do it, sometimes it must be done. Fair warning given, any more issues and no more mister sweet guy Roshan. I can be tough and strict if I want to. Only thing is that I don’t like it. But if I am forced to than I know how to do it.

So after such a day at work, I thought – “hey, it’s only just past 8 pm, why not go for some beer and food at the Oberoi Bar? So there I went, ordered and downed 3 big beer bottles and had some fried rice for dinner. Sitting by myself and evaluating what needs to be done is not so bad on a Wednesday night. Now I am back in my room and about to go to sleep. Good nite folks!

Six Thinking Hats Workshop

I was part of a training/workshop today which was conducted by my boss, who is the Sr.Manager of Training & Quality for Tamil Nadu & Kerala regions and who is based out of our Tamil Nadu office. It was held in the Java conference room (a really small one) of the Hotel Park Residency in Kakkanad.

For those who aren’t aware, 6 Thinking Hats is a thinking tool for group discussions based on “parallel thinking” -a term coined by the implementor of the concept of an alternative to adversarial or tradional thinking. Parallel Thinking is defined as a thinking processsing where focus is split in specific directions. When done in a group it effectively avoids the consequences of the adversarial approach (as used in courts).

It’s pretty good and a very useful tool if used with earnestness. I look forward to implementing it in some discussions & meetings.

Sens Update 21 Dec, 09

After the last update , on Monday the 14th of December, the Senators paid a visit to hated provincial rivals the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Leafs just about managed to edge the Sens for a 3-2 victory. Jason Spezza & Mike Fisher scored the goals for us. Ottawa appeared to tie the game with 35 seconds left, but the referees waved the goal off when it was ruled that Jesse Winchester kicked the puck into the net.

Two days later it was the turn of the Buffalo Sabres who came calling to the Scotiabank Place. With the depleted Ottawa Senators scrambling just to put together four forward lines, goalie Brian Elliott helped bail them out with another big game. Elliott made 22 saves for his second shutout in four games, and Alexandre Picard and Fisher scored to help the Senators beat Buffalo 2-0 on Wednesday night.

Last Friday, the 18th, was a tough loss as Martin Brodeur set a NHL record for games played by a goaltender and helped make the milestone a win with 27 saves and an assist, leading the New Jersey Devils to a 4-2 victory over the Senators. Jarkko Ruutu and Picard scored the 2 goals for the Sens. With Elliot playing many games at a stretch, he needed a rest.

Mike Brodeur made a name for himself Saturday night in his NHL debut for the Sens. A distant relative of New Jersey goalie Martin Brodeur, the rookie netminder carried a shutout into the third period and Erik Karlsson scored his first career goal, leading Ottawa to a 4-1 win over the Minnesota Wild. Brodeur stopped 22 shots in his first career start after backing up Brian Elliott for 13 straight games. Anton Volchenkov, Milan Michalek and Ruutu also scored for Ottawa.

Your Smartphone’s Best Friend

For Smartphone users, Zedge.net is the best friend they could ever have. This awesome free service website offers you a plethero of options that you can download to your heart’s content. Themes, ringtones, wallpapers, videos and games – you name it, they have it.

Setup a login id as easy as pie and then select your personal mobile brand and model number (for example Blackberry Curve 8320). Then either give a personlized search your choice or browse among the many categories that they have on the left. They have them all and then some.

RIP : Brittany Murphy

Actress Brittany Murphy died yesterday after suffering a full cardiac arrest. She was only 32 years old. Online gossip site TMZ said her mother, Sharon, discovered Murphy unconscious in the shower. The Los Angeles Fire Department said it responded to an emergency call about 8 a.m. PST.

She starred in films such as Clueless, Girl, Interrupted, 8 Mile, Sin City, Just Married and Riding in Cars with Boys. Murphy starred in films opposite Michael Douglas, Ashton Kutcher, Eminem and Angelina Jolie, but failed to attain their level of success. In recent years, she worked mostly in low-budget movies, while her emaciated appearance sparked concerns about her health.

Brittany Murphy (November 10, 1977 – December 20, 2009)

Arsenal 3 Hull City 0

Arsenal show signs of struggling without influential captain/midfielder Cesc Fabregas & striker Robin Van Persie but still won 3-0 against Hull City. In a fesity match that boiled on the verge of nasty violence, Samir Nasri came up from behind Hull’s Richard Garcia and trod on his leg. From the set-piece, Denilson curled in a beautiful effort that was entirely out of place in an ugly match.

After the interval the Tigers were handed a way back into the match when Silvestre was harshly judged to have pulled back Fagan in the penalty area. Geovanni stepped up to take the spot-kick but Almunia beat the ball away and Hunt headed the rebound wide. Eduardo with a 59th minute goal deflated the visitors and Diaby closed out the scoring with an 80th minute after he exchanged passes with Andrey Arshavin and then smashed in a shot that left the Hull goalie with no chance.

“To See Those Horrors And Do Nothing”

Although I don’t agree that Deep Space 9 was the best Star Trek series out of the 5, I do understand that it’s episodes like this one that feeds that particular opinion. And what a powerful & well acted episode it is!

Duet is the 19th episode of the 1st season of DS9 and features a Cardassian man who comes to the station for the purpose of getting arrested by Major Kira Nerys. The reason is that the man who is  actually Marritza, a clerk in a former labour camp where Cardassians tortured Bajoran prisoners of war, has been torn with guilt for not doing anything about the atrocities committed in the camp. So after he learns of the death of the camp warden, the notorious butcher Gul Darhe’el, he has his face surgically altered to resemble the dead tyrant. He also seeks out Kira’s station, knowing that there he would be apprehended and convicted. Imagine a Nazi German being ashamed for not doing anything to stop the killing of Jews in a camp and you get the picture.

Ashamed of being a coward in his own eyes, Marritza wants to be killed by Bajoran judicial systems to atone for the fact that he did nothing to prevent the killing of innocent prisoners. A powerful rant & rave proceeds between Marritza (acted by veteran actor Harris Yulin) and Kira (played ofcourse by Nana Visitor) while the former is at the heights of pretending to be Darhe’el. He taunts and verbally torments Kira for being a Bajoran and shows contempt and superiority complexes. However when Kira finally understands that he is infact Marritza, an even more moving & powerful dialogue ensues.

Marritza at first still claims to be Darhe’el but breaks down as he states about his own shame at being crowdly and not doing anything to help the prisoners. He wanted to be caught & punished and hence setup this elaborate ruse. Kira has him released but Marritza is killed by a Bajoran as they try to get the Cardassian off the station.

Gave The Chicken A Miss

Saturday’s are usually quite relaxed in our office. Everyone has a more casual approach and you can hear music played from each corner. This Saturday was not much different as it was quite dull for most of the part. I needed to have a good discussion/meeting with my team and I was able to do so for about 90 minutes. There were many things to be brought to the table and I took the detailed approach.

The usual team lunch was a little later than usual. I’ve been skipping rice and moved on to chappaty as much as I can and eating more fish if I can. I love fried fish. The curry was not bad either. No slouch in the taste department. Good choice – I later heard that several people fell ill after eating the chicken.

Last Meeting Of The Year

I’m just back in the apartment after a long day away from home. Today afternoon we were to have the final HOD meeting, the year end workshop/meeting where the DGM/Center head has to show his team the year’s profits, GM and loses. So after working till 2pm, we headed over to the Hotel Nyle Plaza, where in one of their small conference halls (Odyssey) we gathered for a few hours.

After a brief presentation, we were divided into groups of 3 or 4 and given a major task for the next quarter. These groups will have to work on their particular tasks and ensure that it gets achieved. I will need to sit with my team & take them through the plan that we have come up with as well. Post that, each group presented their plans with a final approval recieved from all.

Once that was done, the snacks were brought in – fish fingers, chips, a dip, chicken lollipops, onion pakodas etc. We also had some drinks – whiskey accompanies by either of soda, water, Coke, Sprite or Fanta! I stuck to just three drinks. We also had some games – we were divived into two groups for the evening and a quiz on the company’s Sexual Harrassment policy of all things! But it was fun. My team won, since I have arranged for many sessions on the same when a new batch of trainees join in.

The next was a round where the two groups were sent to each end and we had to throw wet cloths at a bottle and knock it down. It was fun. And the 3rd was the most fun. There are ony two ladies in the group – the men had to walk a ramp and pose for them and they would pick a “Mr.HOD” after assigning us points for the walk! I flexed my muscles (??), kissed my bisceps (???!!!) and flashed my legs at the girls – surprisingly, I did not win!! WTF?

Finally we had a little send off for Ashish, an AM from the HR department. He has opted for a transfer to Mumbai as he hails from the state of Maharastra and he would want to be closer to his family. He’s been with us for 18 months and we wanted to give him a gift. And then we went to have dinner at the hotel’s buffet.

A nice dinner later, we got into cabs and I came home about 30 minutes ago. Tired and in need of rest. Goodnite all!

Arsenal Move For Van Der Vaart?

For the past few days it seems that one of the hottest transfer rumours has been the possible movement of unsettled midfield maestro Rafael Van Der Vaart from Spanish giants Real Madrid to Arsenal and it seems likely that Arsene Wnger will swoop in to sign him.

According to the News of the World, the former Hamburg and Ajax star is desperate to leave Spain and is ready to revive his career in the Premier League. Van der Vaart has found his chances limited at the Bernabeu following the acquisition of Brazilian midfielder Kaka.

And after falling out of favour with Los Galacticos coach Manuel Pellegrini, the 26-year-old has started on just three occasions in La Liga this season.

The Dutchman is eager to gain regular first-team action before representing his country in next summer’s World Cup, and is reportedly willing to accept a pay-cut in order to earn a move to North London. Do we need more shooting power? Yes we do!

End Of The Year Plans

Have any of you planned out how you are going to spend the Christmas break / New Year’s? I think I can take a 3 day weekend (with the 25th being a Friday and then an off on Saturday & Sunday) so I guess I’m open to suggestions from people who want to meet up.

I’m certainly hoping to get some long hours drinking coffee in a coffeeshop and relaxing with a good novel during this time. Seems like the only way that I can unwind these days. Maybe some drinking with Anil & Madhu could be on the cards but Since Anil is a Christian he will be spending a lot of time with his family during this time. And maybe Madhu might have the usual husband duties of visiting the wife’s relatives during the holidays.

That leaves me with New Year’s – I hope that I get to be part of a party this 31st Dec and not sit at home like I did the last one. Oh wait – that was because my mood was screwed due to an issue at work.