Stargate: Universe Will Get a 2nd Season

The third live action series (fourth series if you include the short-lived animated Infinity) of the Stargate franchise, Stargate : Universe has been renewed for a second season. Although I have not yet watched a single episode of the new Sci-fi series, I’ve read and heard a lot about it.

This series was compared very positively with the parent series Stargate : SG1 & it’s spinoff series Stargate : Atlantis even before the series started airing on tv. Although initially praised as being edgier, exceptionally well made and that the franchise was “catching up” with the long-running Star Trek franchise, some critics attacked the show’s lack of adventure & camaraderie and character development.

Well the show is going to get time to develope that. The show is currently on a mid-season break after airing the first 10 episodes. The remaining 10 will start airing in April, 2010.

I Need A New Coffee Cup

Part of the taste in drinking coffee is also in the experience – and the cup that you drink it in.

I’m a regular coffee drinker, atleast 5 cups in a day. Now forget the miniscule paper cups that they provide us at the office for drinking coffee / tea (about the size of the kind that they give you pills in a hospital) but when I’m at home I enjoy sipping my coffee in peace, listening to music or browsing the net while I drink it. The stronger the better; my cup usually lasts me 15-20 minutes and so I ensure that the coffee is boiling hot to begin with.

I currently drink my coffee at home out of these yellow cups that we got free when buying large packets of Bru instant coffee. They aren’t just cutting it anymore. I don’t seem to find any pleasure in using these mugs. I gotta find me a new set of cool looking coffee mugs. How about these funky Star Trek Klingon Empire mugs? Cool!

Arsenal 2 Liverpool 1

I wasn’t able to watch this match live (still not getting ESPN on the old outdated tv) but I tried following it on score updates websites. Without a proper striker in the lineup, Arsenal went away to Liverpool and won 2-1. This result also brought the Gunners smack back into the title race as they are 3rd in the league and have 31 points with a game in hand over Manchester United & Chelsea.

Dutch striker Dirk Kuyt had scored to put Liverpool in the lead just at the interval but Arsene Wenger fired up his squad by berating then during the halftime break. Liverpool’s £18m full-back Glen Johnson, who suffered a torrid afternoon, unwittingly handed Arsenal a route back into the game when he turned Samir Nasri’s cross past Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina five minutes after half-time. And then Andrey Arshavin struck in stunning fashion, controlling brilliantly before firing a thunderous shot high past Reina.

Man Utd (played 16) are in second place with 34 points and Chelsea (played 16) lead the table with 37. Aston Villa (after winning against United) in fourth place have 29.

Sens Update 13 Dec, 09

Alright so time for a 3 game update on the Ottawa Senators. Last night the Sens hosted the Carolina Hurricanes in a games that saw Alexie Kovalev break out of his long goal drought. The Russian scored a hat-trick, including his 400th NHL goal – the 82nd player to reach that milestone. Jason Spezza also scored for the Senators (16-11-4), and Brian Elliott made 23 saves.

In a game that featured two struggling offences, the Ottawa Senators beat the Philadelphia Flyers with defence on the 10th. Goalie Elliott made 23 saves in his second NHL shutout and Nick Foligno and Jesse Winchester scored third-period goals to give Ottawa a 2-0 victory over the slumping Flyers on Thursday night.

And two days prior to that, Kovalev and his new team faced off against his old team when the Montreal Canadiens came calling. The Canadiens won 4-1 with Mike Fisher scoring the solitary goal for the Sens.

Chatting @ The Local Store

I really like buying stuff at the little store right smack @ the junction near my apartment. It’s like a few steps away from my building and you get most of your things there, except for vegetables. But I buy soft drinks, sugar, oats, bananas, toiletries, bread, biscuits and most food items from there. The owner is friendly, polite & chats with everyone who comes to buy stuff from his store.

That last part is the problem really. I mean I do chat with him and agree on a lot of things that he says (like his stance on never selling cigarettes in his shop cause he is against it) but it sometimes gets in the way of your shopping. You’ll be standing there having made your purchases and with money in your hand but he is still chatting with another person. And this can go on for more than 5 minutes which can get very annoying.

I always make it a point to not let a fellow shopper wait just because I want to talk to the shop owner but you know the typical Malayalee local – has his points on eveything under the sun and yaks on and on about it. So you’re left standing there like a jackass waiting to handover the money and get the change back.

Saturday Spent @ Home

Today didn’t happen as I had planned but I’m glad that I got a day to rest. I couldn’t sleep last night, tossing and turning from around 1:30 am till about 3 am when I finally said to “hell with it”! I sat up and switched the light on and watched about half of Bon Cop, Bad Cop. I then slept for a while until about 7 am when my alarm went off but managed to sleep for an hour more.

I didn’t eat any breakfast but gulped down two boiling hot cups of strong, black coffee which I needed just to keep my eyelids open. I fought off exhaustion until almost 12:30 pm when hunger also overcame me and I quickly heated up the left over pizza slices on a frying pan (tastes good all toasted) and ate my lunch. Then it was watching the rest of the movie and a nice solid 3 hour sleep. I feel so much more refreshed and alive in the evening.

Really Talented Voice

I watched a bit of America’s Got Talent last nite (it’s the 2007 show) and I’m glad that I did. Amongst the idiots and goofs, you can find 1 or 2 really talented people. The 2007 winner was ventriloquist Terry Fator, who sings (extremely well) and does impersonations too other than the voices. Here’s one such video – which, I dunno why, but just made me cry at the end!

My Friday Night Pizza Dinner

Wow, now that’s what you call a Friday night Pizza dinner.

I had ordered a large Spicy Chicken pizza. It’s hot red pepper and spicy chicken. I can’t eat the entire thing, so I’m gonna save a couple of slices for tomorrow – maybe have it for lunch.

Burp…maybe I shouldn’t have ordered the spicy one. Oh well. A pizza slice saved is a pizza slice gained.

And She Brought A Friend Home

My mom’s pet is becoming something of a little nuisance.

My parents are away, having gone to Thiruvananthapuram last evening and they won’t be back till Sunday. I took the advantage of enjoying a quite evening by myself in the apartment with a simple dinner and watched a bit of tv before I went to sleep. This morning, I woke up, put the kettle on for some coffee and then went to get the paper and opened my windows and the balcony door for some cool morning air.

I then took my coffee to my room and turned to my pc. After a few minutes, I could hear the flapping of wings but didn’t pay much attention for a while. When I went to the kitchen to get more coffee, what do I see? Mom’s pigeon perched on the sofa! And she was not alone; she brought along her friend as well and both them buggers were …I should say, it was probably the bird’s version of lounging!

I did a loud ‘shoo, shoo’ and chased the pigeons before they could ‘bless’ the sofa’ and make a mess. Now I have to keep the balcony door closed or sit there if I want to keep it open. Damn those pigeons!

Shaving : A Pleasure Or A Pain

I think most of my regular readers will know that I have this obsession with body hair – I want nothing to do with it! I wish there was a cheap, quick, painless and hassle free method by which I could get rid of all the hair on my body and not have to deal with stuble.

Facial hair is another matter. I’ve come to think of shaving as a necessary step in waking yourself thoroughly. Waking up, drinking coffee, attending the call of nature, a shower and a shave – these are just different steps of an overall process of waking yourself up and getting ready for the day. Therefore, I do not mind shaving, even if it means shaving everyday.

Even a couple of years back, I wouldn’t shave everyday that I go to the office. I used to shave every alternate day. That is because of two reasons : as I became more and more responsible for stuff at work, I felt that I should look more professional and that look meant being clean shaven every single day. The second reason is more to do with the aging – my 5 0’clock shadow started appearing by 12 pm and hence I do have to shave everyday!

And my shaving kit had eveolved over the years. When I was a teenager and first started shaving, I frowned upon the traditional single blade razor. It was twin blade all the way for me. Until the dawn of the triple blade – 3’s company too and I’ve used 3 blades for a long time. But now there’s the 4 blade razor!

I’ve been using the SuperMax  20-20 4 blade disposable razor for the past couple of months now. It’s an orange coloured stick and cost Rs.20 – not bad considering the fact that I get good usage out of it. I happen to also enjoy shaving with the 4 blade as well as it feels smoother. And it leaves my face feeling almost as smooth as a baby’s bottom. The shadow now comes around 3 pm.

But wait – as I was googling for a picture of the 4 blade (which I couldn’t find) I saw that there was a 5 blade razor from Gillette. 5 blades in one razor! What the heck? I guess you can expect a much smoother & closer shave.

But now here’s the tough question dear reader – do you shave your pits and the land down under? And would you chose to shave with a single blade razor or with 2/3/4/5 blades?

Everyone is Someone – Dala

I so loved their 2007 effort Who Do You Think You Are (which I had reviewed a few weeks ago), that I just had to get their 2009 followup, Everyone Is Someone. They performed a sold-out show at The Harbourfront Centre’s Enwave Theatre, with special guest appearances by Stuart McLean and Tom Cochrane. In August, Dala were the only Canadian group asked to perform at the 50th Annversary of the legendary Newport Folk Festival in Newport R.I.. They are being mentioned as a duo that no folk-pop/rock fan should miss. If you like melodies, good vocals, smooth harmonies – these gals are the best at it.

The cd starts of with the melancholic Lonely Girl that is haunting & melodic and is about a girl struggling with live and the lessons it has dealt her. Alive is a bit more upbeat with a nice drum beat and states that there are more important things in the world going on and to be glad to be living and live in the moment. Crushed is a tender ballad about the feeling that accompanies loss of a lover.

Levi Blues is a sweet & cute love song about wanting to travel the world but still be with the love of their life. I would say that this is the perfect song for first time listeners  of this duo to get introduced to them. Second single Horses is another ballad about days gone by and lost childhood. Compass follows in the same lines, a quite ballad with just vocals accompanies by acoustic guitar and a bit of keyboards. Northern Lights is probably the best song in the bunch – about simple dreams and wishes.

Face In The Morning is an introspective ballad. The sexy sounding Younger is next and the vocals is breathy and suggestive, while lyrically it’s about the things that makes us feel younger. Finally we have Stand In Awe, a regret about losing the thing that is most important to us. By the end of this song, if you aren’t as madly in love with these two girls (like I am) then – go kill yourself!

These ten songs sound as though they were specifically crafted for soundtrack consideration, and while Dala’s Amanda Walther (the “Da” in “Dala”) and Sheila Carabine (the “La”) must be pleased to have already had their music featured on Canadian shows such as Flash Point and Falcon Beach, with their lush harmonies and haunting melodies one can only imagine an appearance (during a sad-music-montage, of course) on Grey’s Anatomy can’t be too far off down the road!

Not Mutant, Maybe Teenage, No Ninja Skills

I was coming home in a friend’s car at night & we stopped to drop a guy off at Kadavanthara. Coming back the same way that we drove, I saw a stray dog sniffing at a shiny rock, about the size of two palms kept together.

The dog was obviously looking for something to eat among the garbage & stuff. Then as we passed I knew what the shiny rock actually was. It was a turtle!!

Yes, a freeking turtle – in the heart of the city! In god damn Kadavanthara. How in the blazes did it come to Kadavanthara?!! I have no idea. We stopped the car & reversed back to take a good look at the thing. I got out and moved towards it. It was crawling upwards & trying to get away from the stray dog & us humans. I wanted to take it home with me; and if not for the fact that I live in an apartment & that my mom would freak & have a cow if she saw me bringing home a turtle, I would have.

Probably also not a good idea to keep a turtle in a tank; I think it should be free and live in a pond or the sea. But it was kinda cool to admire a turtle in the night as u don’t get to see one in the city.