Sens Update 3rd Jan, 2010

After the last update, goalie Brian Elliot came back but could not do much to save a loss against the Boston Bruins, 0-2 on the 21st of December. This was the same day that Senators C Mike Fisher confirmed his engagement to singer Carrie Underwood. Two days later it got even more worse – infact the lowest point of the season so far. We lost away to the Pittsburgh Penguins 2-8 in a thrashing like we have never seen before. Anton Volchenkov & Chris Kelly scored the goals for us.

The Senators had to wait till Boxing day to get their act back together – a 3-2 shootout victory over the Buffalo Sabres. Ryan Shannon & Chris Neil scored the regulation time goals for the Senators. And then on the 28th we had a nice home victory over the Montreal Canadiens, 4-2. Shannon, Neil, Peter Regin & Chris Campoli had the goals for the capitcal city.

Ottawa played the last two days of the year, a 3-4 loss to the Colorado Avalanche in which Shannon had a brace and Nick Foligno had the 3rd goal. But New Year’s eve was much more happier for the Sens. It was a shootout victory over the New York Islander – regulation time goals scored by Kelly & Regin.

An Unboxing Of The BlackBerry Curve

I really wanted to do a video of my phone’s unboxing but without having a solid camera, I knew that there was no chance in hell that I could do that. Unless, ofcourse, if I borrowed someone’s camera just to record an unboxing. Ok but since I can’t do it with a camera, here’s a British video of an unboxing of the Silver BlackBerry Curve 8300.

Ok so it’s not the 8320 which I have but – it’s the same colour and packaging. The only diferences are the Wifi connectivity and oh, if I did this video, there would be British accent!

Wraith Or Black Metal Rocker?

I really like the Wraith as villains in the Stargate : Atlantis series. Scary, intimidating, life-force sucking ‘monsters’ to us, the wraith are however doing what they need to do to survive. Which is to feed – and humans just so happen to be the one and only thing that sustains them. They can eat solid foods, which some of them do for the sake of doing it, however they need humans to survive. Basically a living being trying to survive on what is natural food to them – you and me. Is that such a big crime when we look at the angle of eating to surviving?

But what I don’t understand is why the creators of the series made the Wraith look like Black Metal band musicians from Norway? If you check photos of bands like Dimmu Borgir, Gorgoroth & Satyricon – they would probably fit right in a Wraith hive ship.

If you want to see what the process is to make an actor into a wraith, click here to read a blog entry with photos by Andee Frizzell, the actress who portrayed most of the Wraith Queens on the show.