Mondays Always Good For Catching Up

Feeling very down as not only do we have to complete last month’s reports in short time and get ready for 2 or 3 more reviews in the next 3 days, I also found out that the corporate HR has goofed up once again! This is getting so ridiculous that there is no excuse whatsoever! But the company just continues to do these stupid things.

I had to rush out of the office to go to attend a friend’s engagement party. The actual function was done in a church earlier in the day and then they held a nice dinner party at his parents’ home. I stay for some time chatting with a couple of mutual friends and then went to be served dinner – very spicy chicken, porotta and rice. The chicken was so spicy that I saw many people with watery eyes who kept downing the ice cold lemonade in buckets! I must have drunk two liters of the drink.

On the way back I ran into a former colleague at the bus stop – let’s just say that he was surprised that I was still working for the same company! It seems that he had some problems while he was working in the Adminstration department and he filled me in on some of the issues he faced. Well he is now regional HR for a chain of mobile sales super stores – 16 across the state. Good for him.