Pearl Jam: Tweet For A Song

Pearl Jam & Twitter – sounds like an unlikely combination or collaboration! But stranger things have happened. The band, which released a new album, Backspacer, last year had a series of promotions with MySpace to promote the album. Now they’re turning to Twitter for some more.

The band has teamed up with the digital media house Culture Jam to launch a new site that easily allows you to tweet about about the Pearl Jam song “Just Breathe.” This site is actually a simple application that gets your Twitter credentials via OAuth. In exchange for the tweet, you’ll receive a code that will allow you to download the song on iTunes for free. Specifically, it’s a live version of the song that was recorded at Austin City Limits this year.

All they ask is that you Tweet about the song and by doing so, you will automatically be following @pearljam – which every fan should do. Unfortunately, the download is only available for US consumers. No problem, enjoy the lovely song played live in Austin. Beautiful!