Could You Hold The Legs?

A Pet Parrot accidentally swallows a viagra tablet.

His owner, disgusted, puts him in the freezer to cool off.

Later when he opens the freezer he finds the parrot sweating.

‘How come you are sweating’? He asks….

The Parrot replies, ‘Do u know how hard it is to open the Legs of a Frozen Chicken’?

Power Out In The Heart Of The City

There’s no power in the Kacheripaddy area of Cochin city. We had some strong breeze that blew in just before 9pm and brought some lightning and rains with it. That was too much for KSEB to handle and power went out.

We sat in the dark the only illumination was that from an emergency lantern that we keep charged every day. Dinner was in darkness. The power came on for a bit during which time I watched a bit of tv. But it went out again.

So in darkness I sit and I wait to see if the lights will come on soon. Bored out of my skull and sweating a lot.