Arsenal 3 Stoke City 1

Arsenal defeated Stoke City away but the match was marred by the horrific injury to young Welsh talent Aaron Ramsey. The Gunners midfielder’s ankle buckled under a challenge by Ryan Shawcross, who was sent off and departed in tears. Shawcross took a heavy touch and caught Ramsey just above the ankle as he stretched for the ball. The Welshman collapsed on contact and he was left writhing on the floor, with his right foot appearing to hang at an unnatural angle. Shawcross, who was later called up to the England squad, was shown a straight red card and while Ramsey received lengthy treatment, several Arsenal players looked visibly shaken.

Stoke had taken the lead when Danny Pugh headed in from Rory Delap’s long throw-in but Nicklas Bendtner levelled with a fine header back across goal. Cesc Fabregas scored a penalty before Thomas Vermaelen tapped in, as Arsenal moved to only three points off Chelsea, who lost 2-4 to Manchester City and have 61 points. Manchester United have 60 points.

320 GB External HDD From Transcend

I had begun to run out of space on my hard drive and on my 120 GB Western Digital external drive. The WD had less than 90 MB space remaining and my hard disk had about 120 MB perhaps left. So last evening I headed over to  to the computer peripherals store in Bay Pride Mall, where I had bought my 120 GB drive. I was hoping to get a 500 GB drive or check out to see if the prices of a 1TB had dropped. However, all the drives that they had were on the wrong side of the price ranges that I had expected. I didn’t want to spend that much money on it and so settled for a 320 GB drive from Transcend.

As you can see here is a beautiful packaged and the casing is so smooth. It’s not too big – heck it’s just a little bigger than a BlackBerry Bold handset! I’ve moved all of my movies there and most of my tv series episodes as well. I plan on using my WD 120 GB only for Star Trek movies and Star Trek : Voyager (as I watch them a lot) and ofcourse my MP3s.

Impromptu Lunch Out With The Team

I had made arrangements to go to the client’s office and collect some materials that was to be included for an activity to be conducted at our offices from the 2nd of March. So off I went to their offices and then headed off to work. Today was a very dull day at the office work wise but it started with a shitty remark by one asshole. He is an imbecile and a jerk with a big stick up his ass and I don’t want to waste anymore blog space on moron de fuck!

By 12 pm people in the support functions wanted some cake and we decided to cut the cake that we had bought for Rekha’s (a member from my team) birthday yesterday but couldn’t get around to it till today due to a big meeting with our VPs that took most of last evening. Since we have a fridge in the office, the cake went into it till today. So we gathered in the pantry area and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her while she cut the cake.


As you can see here my team members are quite with in the team bonding thing. Anusha on the left is feeding a big piece of cake to another trainer Roopa. However people would soon get some cake and paste it over Rekha’s face and then on Anusha’s face as well. The reason for pasting it to Anusha – it was exactly three years ago when Anusha joined this company. We must celebrate that somehow!

Once the two girls got all cleaned up and faces were scrubbed, I told them that we would go out for lunch – my treat. I thought that since it had been over a month since we went out as a team it was due to visit that. And as you know, I love feeding my team :D. So by 1:30 pm 6 of us piled up in Manoj’s car and Riju & Wasim came on the latter’s bike. Unfortunately two people were missing – Rajeesh’s wife is expecting their first child in the next day or two and so he was on leave & stationed by her side. Firdous was also on leave for a personal reason.


We reached the hotel Sea Park which is a usual haunt and quite near the office. We settled at our table and once the waiters brought us the menus, we began ordering food. Fried rice, chicken biriyanis, chicken 65, mutton massala, porottas, fish fry & chiclly chicken – that was the food that we wrote down and handed over to the waiter – that’s our style; we don’t bother the waiters by reading it out and making them write it down! We write it down for them make it easier for them to make it snappy and bring the god damn food to our table that much faster!


After an indescribable amount of time had passed (on hungry & empty bellies it seemed like an eternity) the waiters started bringing the first plates to us. I had the Hyderabadi biriyani and a ‘karimeen’ fish fry. The monster was big and oh so delicious. A big mother staring at me, just daring me to start picking apart it’s flesh and dig into the tasty goodness. One thing that I have to say about this hotel – their food is very good and I think it’s aptly priced. And best of all, it’s not too oily. In fact, after we had finished our lunch, not one of us has sticky hands that we usually get in most hotels.

That was the fish that I ate. Look at him – isn’t he a monster? I almost named him as “Chewie” after Chewbacca from Star Wars and because all I wanted to do was to chew on his succulent flesh!

All Well in Aero-Land?

Ok, I didn’t expect that things would get sorted out so soon. But maybe it’s just that Steven Tyler finally came to his senses.

After turmoil that included public squabbling, threats of a lineup change and a rehab stint, Aerosmith is back and ready to rock. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famers have announced their “Cocked, Locked and Ready to Rock” European summer tour – with Steven Tyler.  The band made the announcement Thursday. It also posted a video on its website in which Tyler, sitting with the rest of the band, jokes: “I just auditioned and I got the gig.”

“We’re coming your way and rocking your world! Look out because here we come,” he says as he looks at guitarist Joe Perry and the group breaks out in laughter. Aerosmith had been in limbo since Tyler fell off a stage during an August concert in South Dakota, injuring himself and forcing the band to cancel the rest of their summer tour. After that, Perry expressed anger that the group had been sidelined and said Tyler needed to get his act together. For his part, Tyler was quoted as saying he was interested in going solo, and soon the band was talking about replacing Tyler with another singer.

Changes @ The Top

Lots of changes going on at the corporate level for the company that I work for. A few resignations, some comings and goings and much organizational structure changes. Not sure if this is an adjustment or if things are looking very bleak.

We’ve had 2 GMs, our Ops VP & the senior VP visiting our center during the last couple of days. Luckily and thankfully, there was no long winded speeches or reviews of the sort, where usually much time is wasted and nothing is achieved. This was more of a sitdown, meet & greet session with a new GM that lasted for 2 hours yesterday evening. And today we spent a lot of time with the VP with the senior VP chatting with us & telling us about the changes to the Org structure.

At the end of the day I was quite confused and puzzled and not sure as to how much of this is going to affect me, my team and our work. I hope things don’t turn sour or anything and remains as rosy as the meeting with the VP. Time will tell.

RIP Andrew Koenig

Actor Andrew Koenig, 41, who played the character ‘Boner’ in the popular sitcom Growing Pains was found dead in Vancouver’s Stanley Park by friends who were looking for him.

Andrew is the son of Star Trek actor Walter Koenig (Pavel Chekov) and has been missing since Feb. 14. He was last seen near a bakery in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on February 14, and missed a scheduled flight back to the U.S. on February 16. According to his parents, Koenig left evidence that he was depressed prior to his disappearance. The Venice, Calif. native had been visiting friends in West Vancouver before he disappeared. Andrew was expected back in Los Angeles Feb. 16, but he never arrived.

Among his few roles on television is the brief appearance in Sanctuary, an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

My Ultimate music festival

Barenaked Ladies
For the harmonies & the melodies

Pearl Jam
For the love of grunge & the best rock band that ever lived

Joe Satriani
For the greatest guitarist ever

Carlos Santana
For the Latin Romeo in us all

Sarah McLachlan
For the most beautiful vocals ever

Jann Arden
For the voice that can make me cry

Iron Maiden
For the greatest gift that the UK has bestowed upon the world other than the English Premier League

Terri Clark
For the love of Cowgirl songs

Neil Young
For keeping on rocking in the free world

For the thinking man’s band that rocks for all ages

Jesse Cook
For the coolness that is Rumba Flamenco

Isabel Boulay
For me to fall in love with while she is on stage

For the riff rock gods

Our Lady Peace
For the eclectic to the somber songs

Steven Page – Back In The Limelight

Canadian singer-guitarist-songwriter, Steven Page is the first to admit that between his divorce, his split with the Barenaked Ladies and his infamous cocaine bust, he’s had a rough couple of years. But what didn’t kill him has made him stronger. The 39-year-old Juno winner now says he’s turned a corner and is back on track, professionally and personally.

This week, Page released his first post-BNL album A Singer Must Die, on which he covers tunes by the likes of Leonard Cohen, Radiohead and Elvis Costello with the backing of Toronto pianist Andrew Burashko and his avant-garde jazz and classical group The Art of Time Ensemble. His next move is a string of Ontario tour dates over the next three weeks with the AOTE, which begins Wednesday.

Post that Page wants to focus on getting his solo record out, which he says is basically done, and once that is out he wants to go on a coast to coast North American tour. Recorded with pop producer John Fields, the disc of new songs deals with Page’s recent problems — but he says that it still has a lot of upbeat songs.

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The 300 Lady – Meleah

I don’t have many frequent readers, just a handful of loyal people who read & comment. Some people, like a few cousins & friends read them but don’t discuss the topics at all. I’ve seen colleagues who read them as well and tell me about it at work the next day. I appreciate all readers but it’s time for me to give a shout out to one really special lady, a New Jersey woman named Meleah Rebeccah Hawthorne.

As you can see by the tally of comments on the sidebar, she’s encouraged me to continue writing 300 times. I can’t believe that someone would spend so much time to read, absorb and comment on the stuff that I dole out but she does. As do some other people but she does it more frequently. As far as my personal cheerleaders goes (with regards to this blog & writing) she is top gun, numero uno. And as you can tell – she’s one hot Mamma!

I read her blog a lot and she’s been kind of an inspiration for me and a whole lot of others. So thanks for sticking to this blog for over two years (judging from the comments, you started reading my stuff in December 2007 and guess what? It was about VODKA) and I’ve taken the liberty of adding a “300” sign from the movie onto one of my favourite pics of yours. Thanks a lot Meleah and please keep commenting.

Jericho vs Edge For WHC @ Wrestlemania 26

I read earlier today that @ WWE Elimination Chamber, Chris Jericho won the World Heavyweight Championship in an Elimination Chamber match, lastly eliminating the titleholder The Undertaker following interference from Shawn Michaels. This was on Sunday. Couple of days later, Edge decided that he would take his option to challenge Jericho at WrestleMania.

At WrestleMania 26, Jericho will defend the Championship against Edge, who won the 2010 Royal Rumble Match. As part of kayfabe, there’s a lot of history between these two wrestlers, who I vote as my top two favourites for the past few years. Title matches against each other, former tag team parters….who knows what’s gonna happen on the biggest show in wrestling.

Get Your Hot, Free Shawarmas

I got down at the bus stop just before mine to go to buy some medicine. After I did that, I thought that since I was quite near a restaurant where they serve some really good shawarmas, the plan was to buy some for dinner.

So I bought shawarmas for my dad, mom & myself. It came to Rs.105 and I handed over the cashier a Rs.500 note and a Rs.5 coin — and he gave me back 4 Rs.100 notes…….and a Rs.500 note back! I didn’t check and didn’t pay attention, cause as I was handed back the money a hot babe in tight jeans a cute little baby passed me by and I stopped to admire it.

I only noticed a little later just as I reached my building, so basically I got it for free and he gave me Rs.400 as well! I bet these shawarmas taste really good.

I’ll go back there in a couple of days and give him back the Rs.500 note.

The Return Of The Hitman : From Wikipedia

On December 28, 2009, after weeks of speculation, surrounding Bret Hart and his presence in World Wrestling Entertainment, Chairman Vince McMahon announced that Hart would host the January 4, 2010 episode of Raw. Hart made his first appearance in WWE Raw in over 12 years by hosting the program and confronting Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon regarding the Montreal Screwjob at Survivor Series in 1997. Hart and Michaels were able to agree on a truce, shaking hands and hugging.

While many cast doubts on the sincerity of their reconciliation, Hart has confirmed that it was indeed genuine. It also appeared that he had buried the hatchet with Vince later in the night, until Vince subsequently kicked Bret in the gut area (this was in fact part of a storyline, as Bret and Vince have been on speaking terms since 2006). Hart said of the ongoing storyline with McMahon: “I hate to tell you what’s going to happen… I don’t want to ruin it for anybody.”

During different encounters the following month, Hart and McMahon would reproduce similar events that occurred in the Montreal Screwjob: McMahon spat in Hart’s face (as Hart did to McMahon), and Hart then destroyed parts of the technical equipment that goes into producing Raw (as he did to the Survivor Series equipment). On the February 15th episode of Raw, Hart said goodbye and thank you to the WWE Universe and every WWE Superstar. Moments later as part of his kayfabe, Hart was getting into his limousine, a woman backed up her car right into the door and also Hart’s leg. It was confirmed on SmackDown that Hart sustained a broken left leg, as well as ligament and tendon damage.

What’s next for the Return of The Hitman?

The Apple Store Wedding

A New York couple, Josh & Ting Li, who are obsessed with Apple products decided to get married inside an Apple store!

Last Sunday, on Valentines day no less, Josh and Ting Li (both from New York) got married amidst a crowd of iPods, iMacs, and MacBook Pros. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Josh said that he and his now wife actually met in an Apple Store. “We got to know each other because Ting was looking to buy an iPod,” Josh recalled, “and I managed to strike up a conversation that way.” Ah, a tale as old as time.

The priest was dressed like Steve Jobs, and read the service from a white iPhone. The rings were conveyed not on a pillow, but on a first-generation iPod. Her vows were written on a card that said “I love you more than this” with a picture of an iPhone.

Where No Boat Has Gone Before

What you see here on the left is the Plastiki, the sailing vessel which David de Rothschild will, with a six-man crew, sail across the Pacific Ocean starting in San Francisco, California in 2010, ending his journey in Sydney, Australia after a planned visit of several sites of ecological importance or which are susceptible to environmental issues caused by global warming, for instance the current sea level rise, ocean acidification and marine pollution. The Plastiki is a distinctive, one-of-a-kind 60-foot (20m) catamaran made out of 12,000 reclaimed plastic bottles and other recycled PET plastic and waste products. As of October 15th, 2009, the catamaran is under construction in Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, California.

The catamaran has a hydroponics garden, toilets, solar panels, camera & lockers for the crew. The crew is yet to be determined, but it is to be skippered by prominent British ocean sailor Jo Royle, and will carry up to six artists, adventurers and scientists at any one stage of the journey. The date of departure is in the fro-zone.