This Used To Be My Town

Two nights ago, on our way to the party at the hotel in Kakkanad, I passed through Thrikkakara. My old home town, the little suburban town that I called my home area for 19 years (1987-2006). It was a little after 7:30 pm when the van passed that area but I felt pangs in my heart & soul, missing the place that I’d never thought I would ever miss.

There’s a lot of change in that area. A mall near by, a couple of super markets, ATMs and I think a bank has a branch there. With the lights of various establishments glowing in the night, a few offices springing up, the place looks so much livelier and colourful now compared to just a few years ago. It used to be a very, quite, humble little semi-rural area. The only thing worth mentioning, well not to me, was the temple near my house. The only entertainment for many years was the Suburban Club were my family used to go a couple of evenings in a month and take visiting relatives to.

It has changed a lot and I hope it develops a lot more but keep it’s clean air and greenery. Wouldn’t want progress to happen at the cost of natural beauty.