The Hunt For A 1TB External Hard Drive

As stated before, I need a new external Hard drive if I wanna keep downloading all those tv series and mp3 songs.

My free space is almost over – well in fact I deleted a couple of movies which I have watched a few times over and I thought that I’m not going to be watching them again. So there is some space left but not much. Pretty soon I’m going to need it really badly as there are a whole lot of shows that I wanna download and some movies as well.

So I think a 1TB should meet my requirements as writing them onto just DVDs isn’t the answer – I want quick and easy access to a lot of my files. I’m asking people, especially with a techie background, which is the best option to go for and it won’t matter what the device looks like. Even if it is like this one over here – looks like a solar paneled orange Star Trek contraption. It must work well and be a solid & reliable performer.