Evening On The Roof Top Garden

After a stressful and tension bogged week at the office, the best way to blow of some steam is to hang out with your best friends. I am lucky to have two best friends who I can count on to make me laugh and forget about the problems at work for a few hours. I count myself fortunate to have such friends and, rightfully, I look forward to meeting these two guys.

For new readers, I met Madhu & Anil in 2003, while the three of us were working for AspinWall in their outbound sales Call Center. The two of them had already meet a few weeks earlier and over the next few months, we became a trio of close friends and who have remained so despite the passing years. I have only worked with them for 7 months but they have remained my closest friends till date.

Madhu, Anil & me

As such, today evening we decided to get together for a few drinks, postoned from last week. We met at Malabar House Rooftop Garden bar and had a few drinks with some good food. Kozhuva fry, chilli pork, salad, garlic prawns, eggs & peanuts were wolfed down as we downed brandy, whiskey & vodka.

The hours went by quickly and before long we were all tired. I knew that by 10:30 pm I wanted to get back home and relax on my bed after a tough week at work. But unwinding by hanging out with your best buds is a great thing to do. Even if the discussions have become very predictable – marriage (or lack off in the case of Anil & me), family and I’ve asked them to try and look out for a new job for me as I want to get out of this company that I am currently in.

Just before 11 pm, I am back in my room, relaxing and letting the food digest and thinking about nothing but sleep for the rest of the weekend. Goodnite guys.

Camel Burgers : Healthy Alternative?

A restaurant in Dubai has begun to promote it’s camel burgers as a fat free & healthier alternative to the normal hamburgers.

Targeting health-conscious customers, Local House’s representatives told a newspaper that the burger patties were cooked in a secret mix of spices and were fat and cholesterol free. For 20 UAE dirhams (£3.45) diners can try a quarter pound camel burger with cheese and burger sauce. The camel meat is sourced from a camel farm in Al Ain, in Abu Dhabi. Al Ain has been associated with camel breeding and racing for centuries.

Camel meat is widely eaten in some Arab countries, but is not typically sold in supermarkets or served in restaurants. The paper reported that Local House said it was the first to introduce the burger in the United Arab Emirates, although a fast-food restaurant in Saudi Arabia begun offering baby camel burgers last year.