Be My, Be My Baby

I had this dream during the early hours of the morning.

Funnily enough, when I have these dreams I’m always back living in our former house in Thrikkakara. I guess that also means that I haven’t accepted this apartment we’ve been living in for the past 3.5 years as home yet and still consider the house in Thrikkakara as my home.

Anyways, in my dream, I had just come back home from a trip and was a little annoyed to see that the house was filled with a lot of guests who had come to meet my parents on their way to a wedding in a location about 4 hours away. My parents decided, after much pestering that they would join them as well and attend the wedding. I was like, whatever – just get off my back and give me some space. So I managed to smile and answer some dumb questions that these visitors, who I did not know well enough and could be least bothered to know, asked. An hour later, they all got into 5 cars and left for the wedding.

So, I was now alone at home in the big house and happy to be able to relax and have some ‘me time’. I took a quick shower (it was still morning) and put some music on. While I wandered into the guest bedroom, I noticed that the visitors had left something on the bed. I moved closer and saw that it was a doll that looked like a little baby. ‘Cute’ I thought……and upon closer inspection I thought ‘very lifelike’. And then….holy shit, it moved! It wasn’t a doll…someone had left their small baby behind when they left for the wedding!!!!!

I panicked, didn’t know what to do. What if it wakes up and starts crying? I can’t handle it. A quick check two doors down where my uncle and aunt live also proved to be no help – they weren’t at home. What do I do? The baby, a girl, starts stirring from it’s sleep. And it opens it’s eye and looks at me. I smile and say ‘Hi there’. She starts bawling. I pick her up and beg her not to scream her lungs out.  After a while, she calms down.

I notice a plastic bag next to the bed in which there is a baby bottle filled with milk and a pacifier. “Oh lucky me, is there a god?” I carry her and give her the bottle which she starts to suck like crazy. I smile “hey I can do this”. Two minutes later, she pees and poops all over me. I got my answer to the question. “No god, but I know now that Satan exists!”

I spy some diapers in the bag (did they leave this stuff here thinking that I was a nanny for hire) and after washing & cleaning myself up and then the baby, I try to wrap her up in a new nappy. This is hard. The first attempt puts both her legs into the same leg hole. The second time, it’s on backwards. How hard can this be? The third time it’s on her head. She looks at me as if to say “Hey buster, can we do this sometime before I turn 60?” I beg her “hey I’m new to this ya little monster”!

Pretty soon I managed to change her nappy properly and she’s as good as new. I carry her around and she’s content and smiling and most importantly not crying. She’s a cute little thing, smaller than most babies, curly hair, light brown eyes and the cutest smile you have ever seen. A neighbouring kid comes over and I get them to play with each other for a while. By mistake, the baby gets scratched on a rusty nail. We take the baby for a walk where on the way, there’s a clinic where I ask the doctor to check the baby out as I do not know if she could get an infection.

The doctor and nurse treat her and give her back to me. By now it’s almost time for the wedding party to come back, so I bring the baby back home and the walk and the treatment at the hospital has worn her out so she’s fast asleep in my arms. Just as I place her back on the bed, her family comes back to my house. Under my glaring eyes, the parents of the little baby cry and scream and pick up their baby. They had only noticed that the baby was missing once the wedding was over and then they all rushed back here. I couldn’t care about their explanations. But I was upset that the baby was going home to it’s parents. After they left I missed her.

This is when I woke up; it was around 6 am and I looked around. Yes I was home – in bed – in my room – in the apartment. I realized that it was all just a dream. But why did I have this dream? What did it mean? Is my biological clock ticking away and reminding me of something? Is it time to start……making babies?