The Great Tumblr

I’ve always loved blogs more than any other kind of website. And I mean normal blogging.

I must say that I prefer the usual blog format – you can always add more pictures and stuff in a blog and then as much writing as you want. It’s the writing that usually makes me come back to a blog over and over again. Cause anyone with a good camera can post pictures. But not everyone can post good blog posts. If  I come to visit you it’s because you are honest, expressive, thoughtful and funny. Or I find you extremely attractive – and that’s only for you girls, I don’t swing both ways. Shut up Manoj!

Having said that I’ve also jumped on the bandwagon and started accounts in many of the alternative options. Tumblr looks good. So I created an account there. Those of you who come here, please also bookmark my tumblr site – The Great Tumblr.

Baaaah, Moo To You

According to a snippet article in today’s Indian Express, cows outnumber humans in New Zealand! A record 5.8 million cows were counted by June 2009 against a New Zealand statistics count of 4.3 million citizens!

New Zealanders have long endured jokes about being outnumbered 20-1 when it came to sheep. However in 2009 that count was at a 8-1. Still, I am surprised that a beautiful country like New Zealand has only 4.3 million humans. That’s the population of one of the cities in the US, the UK or Germany.