Lonely Heart In Perfect February

February 2010 is a special month as it starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday – the perfect 4 week month. It also has only 28 days which I feel makes for the better month when compared with the 30 or 31 day variety.

This month also has Valentine’s Day, today infact. A day molded by card companies & chocolate makers to be the day of appreciating your loved one. The partner in your life. As you can tell, I do not like this day for obvious reasons. In it that I haven’t had a significant other for a very, very long time. And I do not foresee that changing in the near future, unless some woman comes along by pure accident to light up my life.

So like many other single guys or girls, I spent the day mostly on my own and ignored the messages of love being sent across the internet. I even refused to give a glance to the SMS messages that were being sent on a generic note. These things do not concern me at the moment. Sigh! But I wish it did.


The City On The Edge Of Tomorrow is constantly voted as either the best or one of the best TOS episodes ever. And we see a young, classy, sexy and gorgeous looking Joan Collins in it. Collins plays Edith Keller, a social worker in the 1930s, who helps homeless & down on their luck people get food, shelter & work.

In an effort to find Dr. McCoy, Captain Kirk and Spock go through a portal back in time to the year 1930 and meet the lovely Edith. She helps them find small menial work and arranges for a room for the two of them to live in. Spock finds out that if Edith Keller lives, in an alternate reality, she goes on to influence a late entry of the US in World War 2 which leads to a Nazi victory and a very different Earth, one in which there is no Starfleet or Federation. In order to restore the proper timeline Edith Keller must die.

This proves too hard for the emotional Kirk, who has started to fall in love with Edith and she towards him. So when an unsuspecting Edith approaches the path of a speeding truck, Kirk restraints McCoy from saving her life. This means instant death for Edith, a tragedy for one but the proper timeline is restored and things are back to normal.

I really can’t get over how young & beautiful Joan Collins looks. She is 76 years old at present and I have always known her as the middle-aged Dynasty era look. She looks radiant & stunning here.