Vancouver 2010 Olympics

I’ve never been a big time viewer / follower of the Olympics. I try to watch highlights and the medal tally and try and guess who the big winning nation will be.

Over the past few Olympics, interests have more directed towards the football & tennis departments and perhaps a look here and there. By the time of the 2002 Winter Olympics, I was hooked on hockey (the ice variant) would support Canada – since my fav players are from there & with India ofcourse being no where on the horizon in winter sports. This year, I got a glimpse of what seemed to be a spectacular opening ceremony and I wished I could have seen more since Bryan Adams, Nelly Furtado and ofcourse Wayne Gretzky were featured. And a personal hero, Rick Hansen also came all the way to the end of the lighting of the Olypmic torch.

I hope to catch some of the live hockey action but I’m not getting ESPN at this time. So I may have to rely on the good ole trusty world wide web to watch some of them.