Land Of Mosquitoes

This year the number of mosquitoes have increased and boy are they attacking you with a vengeance! Ever since I moved to Kacheripaddy from Thrikkakara, I’ve been affected by two things – it’s hotter here and there’s a whole lot of mosquitoes.

Thrikkakara was relatively mosquito free and a much cooler place to live in. Not so over here. I’ve had to use mosquito repellent many months in Kacheripaddy. But this year it’s worse. The attack of the tiny vampires are really bad. All across the places you can hear the ‘zap, zing’ as people swat at the mosquitoes with the electric bats that have sprung up all over the city. They resemble old tennis rackets and you swing them like you’re playing a forehand or a backhand in a tennis court.

When the wires of the bat hit the mosquito (provided ofcourse that you switch the button on) there’s a little bolt of current being passed and the mosquito is killed! Pretty neat device eh? You can even improve your strokes as you go on killing them little buggers. Over the weekend nights, I must have killed atleast 100 mosquitoes! There’s than many. Wish the city would clean up the garbage & the drainage system so we can reduce this pest.

The Male Version

It seems that there’s a drug trial in the UK for a contraceptive for men which intends to take the burden off women’s shoulders as far as family planning is concerned.

80 couples are taking part in the trial of the drug which the scientists claim to be as effective as the Pill. As they claim, the contraceptive will be administered in two injections every two months, tricks the brain into shutting off sperm production in men. They also claim that it’s effective 99% of the time and sperm counts should rapidly return back to normal once the injections are stopped.

No serious side-effects – although some men may experience hot flashes & mood swings! Holy smokes. I wonder where the injections are done, I certainly do not like the sound of those injections. Tricking the brain into shutting off sperm count? Hot flashes, mood swings? What if it turns you into a woman?

Seriously there should be an easier way (other than abstain from the act all together) for both men & woman.