Impromptu Lunch Out With The Team

I had made arrangements to go to the client’s office and collect some materials that was to be included for an activity to be conducted at our offices from the 2nd of March. So off I went to their offices and then headed off to work. Today was a very dull day at the office work wise but it started with a shitty remark by one asshole. He is an imbecile and a jerk with a big stick up his ass and I don’t want to waste anymore blog space on moron de fuck!

By 12 pm people in the support functions wanted some cake and we decided to cut the cake that we had bought for Rekha’s (a member from my team) birthday yesterday but couldn’t get around to it till today due to a big meeting with our VPs that took most of last evening. Since we have a fridge in the office, the cake went into it till today. So we gathered in the pantry area and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her while she cut the cake.


As you can see here my team members are quite with in the team bonding thing. Anusha on the left is feeding a big piece of cake to another trainer Roopa. However people would soon get some cake and paste it over Rekha’s face and then on Anusha’s face as well. The reason for pasting it to Anusha – it was exactly three years ago when Anusha joined this company. We must celebrate that somehow!

Once the two girls got all cleaned up and faces were scrubbed, I told them that we would go out for lunch – my treat. I thought that since it had been over a month since we went out as a team it was due to visit that. And as you know, I love feeding my team . So by 1:30 pm 6 of us piled up in Manoj’s car and Riju & Wasim came on the latter’s bike. Unfortunately two people were missing – Rajeesh’s wife is expecting their first child in the next day or two and so he was on leave & stationed by her side. Firdous was also on leave for a personal reason.


We reached the hotel Sea Park which is a usual haunt and quite near the office. We settled at our table and once the waiters brought us the menus, we began ordering food. Fried rice, chicken biriyanis, chicken 65, mutton massala, porottas, fish fry & chiclly chicken – that was the food that we wrote down and handed over to the waiter – that’s our style; we don’t bother the waiters by reading it out and making them write it down! We write it down for them make it easier for them to make it snappy and bring the god damn food to our table that much faster!


After an indescribable amount of time had passed (on hungry & empty bellies it seemed like an eternity) the waiters started bringing the first plates to us. I had the Hyderabadi biriyani and a ‘karimeen’ fish fry. The monster was big and oh so delicious. A big mother staring at me, just daring me to start picking apart it’s flesh and dig into the tasty goodness. One thing that I have to say about this hotel – their food is very good and I think it’s aptly priced. And best of all, it’s not too oily. In fact, after we had finished our lunch, not one of us has sticky hands that we usually get in most hotels.

That was the fish that I ate. Look at him – isn’t he a monster? I almost named him as “Chewie” after Chewbacca from Star Wars and because all I wanted to do was to chew on his succulent flesh!

All Well in Aero-Land?

Ok, I didn’t expect that things would get sorted out so soon. But maybe it’s just that Steven Tyler finally came to his senses.

After turmoil that included public squabbling, threats of a lineup change and a rehab stint, Aerosmith is back and ready to rock. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famers have announced their “Cocked, Locked and Ready to Rock” European summer tour – with Steven Tyler.  The band made the announcement Thursday. It also posted a video on its website in which Tyler, sitting with the rest of the band, jokes: “I just auditioned and I got the gig.”

“We’re coming your way and rocking your world! Look out because here we come,” he says as he looks at guitarist Joe Perry and the group breaks out in laughter. Aerosmith had been in limbo since Tyler fell off a stage during an August concert in South Dakota, injuring himself and forcing the band to cancel the rest of their summer tour. After that, Perry expressed anger that the group had been sidelined and said Tyler needed to get his act together. For his part, Tyler was quoted as saying he was interested in going solo, and soon the band was talking about replacing Tyler with another singer.