Arsenal 2 Sunderland 0

Despite struggling at times against Sunderland, Arsenal came out 2-0 winners and prepare to put the Champions League loss to Porto behind them. The Gunners wasted a series of chances before Nicklas Bendtner met Emmanuel Eboue’s cross to break the deadlock.

Arsenal sealed their win in injury time when Cesc Fabregas scored from the spot after he was fouled in the area. The winning margin should have been far greater, but the result means the Gunners’ title hopes are still very much alive despite losing to both the teams above them in recent weeks.  Manchester United’s surprise defeat by Everton earlier in the day meant the third-placed Gunners are now only two points behind the Old Trafford side, with leaders Chelsea a further four points clear.

Quick Evening Drinks

A bit of a let down! Actually a whole lot of a let down!

Yesterday after talking with a colleague I was interested in going to one of the more expensive bars in town and have a different kind of experience. I was showing him the pics I took at Velocity Bar & Restaurant and then we started talking about the more expensive bars in town. Loungivity in MG Road (part of the Avenue Regent hotel) is an expensive lounge bar that I’ve been to just once – back in 2007. The cheapest drinks there are Smirnoff & Absolut Vodkas which were Rs.180 for a peg! When you think that most of us usually pay between Rs.55-80 usually, that’s a whole lotta dough!

Another place that I wanted to visit was Couchin (rather neat to mix the words “couch” and “Cochin” together eh?) which is a big lounge bar owned by the Grand Hotel on MG Road. I’ve heard great things about the place but just haven’t gone there yet. Also I was told by the same colleague of a new place in Thevara which is next to Harbour View hotel. Gotta check out these places and also revisit the rooftop bar in Mercy Estate.

With all these great places to visit (2 where I have been only once and 2 where I haven’t been yet) I was eager to get my buddies together and have a great Saturday evening. So messages and calls were exchanged but in the end it fizzled out. Madhu couldn’t make it and Anil had to make it a very quick one. So in the end we went to Velocity and had 4 rounds of Gin (for him) & Vodka and we ate some good chicken and chapatties. It was good but it was so short in duration and I usually like to take it slow when I drink. But Anil wanted to go back to Thrissur at 9pm and a friend of his was waiting to pick him up.

I came back home, quite disappointed that the evenning didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be. Well, maybe next time.

Lazy Saturday Afternoon

Today was one of those lazy Saturdays at work that make you think is it really worth coming to work at all. Due to other departmental issues, our work was light and most of it was completed by noon. Some members of the team wanted to go out for lunch and so we did. 5 members of my team plus myself went out to Mezban restaurant for a little lunch. I had the veggie noodles and then I treated them to ice cream cones.

About the same time, Vidya, a former colleague  had also decided to drop by at the office to see some of her former co-workers. We were so delighted to have the sweet & nice Vidya come visit us and we invited her to have an ice cream cone with us. She came by and talked to us about the hardships that she & her husband have faced while living in Australia for the past 7 months. Her hubby is still there but her parents don’t want her to go back.

After that it was back to work.

Meet Cindy – My Favourite Toy


Hey everybody, say hi to Cindy, my favourite toy. Yes Cindy is what I call my BlackBerry Curve 8320 (after Cindy Margolis & Cindy Crawford – cause I admire their curves).

The photo on the left is my current wallpaper, a Metallica logo and I’m also using a clip of Wherever I Roam as my ringtone. The theme is something that looks a lot like the Bold theme, which I downloaded off the net – it’s black with purple font.

The second photos is showcasing an Arsenal FC wallpaper which is of the football club’s crest on the walls of the Emirates Stadium. I love this wallpaper too. Both photos were shot on the camera of a colleagues’ Curve 8310 (same 2.0 megapixel camera).

The Scariest School Uniform Ever

When my family & I moved from Kuwait back home to India, way back in 1987, they looked for a suitable school in our homecity of Cochin. My parents wanted a good school and hopefully they wanted one near our little suburb of Thrikkakara. Not being very familiar with the schools in Kerala, my dad looked around in the city for a school.

One evening at home, my cousin Arun (who was three years older than me) spoke out loud that his school was quite near my house and why not admit me there? I’m still wanting to kill him for it! But anyway, my decided to look into it and yes they did have an option for Special English, which was a separate class for kids who couldn’t read or write Malayalam (the local language), yours truly being one among them. And so I joined Hill Valley High School at the age of 11 years in the 6th grade.

When I saw the school uniform I almost blacked out! It was bottle green pants, with cream colour shirts on which they had bottle green spots (like the shirt had a green variant of the measles). We had bottle green ties on which in bright yellow, the school crest was sewn! I still have nightmares of this uniform.

The joke among the students was that, when we go on school trips to other cities, no one gets lost – there’s no chance in hell of anyone misplacing us with that gaudy uniform!

Caught On Tape

Our office is under close circuit camera surveillance. I’ve never had to work in such until I joined here at the age of 30. In the last 3 years I’ve heard/seen things on the camera that I’d never thought I’d see in my work place. Theft, people snuggling, people smoking, people breaking things!

The security team has caught boy & girl making out. Once I witnessed a guy knocking one of the fire extinguishers off it’s perch and the foam exploded all over the floor. We caught that guy. Apparently it was purely by accident. Also one of my trainers was called by a girl trainee of his and she tried getting too close for comfort and on tape we watched him trying to move away. We’ve also caught cell phone, wallet and watch thefts.

Today another girl was caught, on camera, stealing a little cash and some kitkats from her colleague’s purse. They are supposed to be best friends but this girl forgot to inform the other that she was “borrowing” the cash. And now she is caught on tape. Why do people go for such things?


After the last episode, the IOC informs the Col. Young & Camile Wray that they may have found a way to bring the crew of the Destiny back home. An IOA operative Strom (played by Carlo Rota) then admits to Wray that he didn’t want to talk to Nicholas Rush, since the IOA is not convinced he wants to return home. The plan is to drain the ship’s power so that it will go to the nearest star and use that power to dial Earth via the stargate.

Young, Eli and Chloe use the communication stones to visit their loved ones while inhabiting other people’s bodies. Chloe and Eli go to a nightclub with Chloe’s friends and she finds out that things were not all what she seemed. Eli is meanwhile happy that girls seem to notice him (although it is someone else’s body) and is thrilled when a girl asks him to dance.

Young meanwhile visits his wife and after initial resistance, he makes love to his wife Emily using Col. Telford’s body. There is a scene in which, when the ship drops out of FTL, it causes a brief disruption in the communication stones’ link and the bodies swap back to their original ones during that gap. Hence Telford momentarily finds himself in bed making love to Emily. Seconds later, they swap bodies again. Both Telford and Young in particular shocked.

However the plan to drain the power and using the star’s energy to power up & dial the stargate doesn’t seem to be working, with a malfunction occurring  and Col. Telford and his two associates bail out by using the stones and returning back to their original bodies on Earth. The crew of the Destiny are told by Young that their return home will be through another way and that it will take some time. Rush had setup the whole thing; he knows that the plan will not work and they’d all die even if he didn’t stage the malfunction. He also couldn’t risk warning anyone because he didn’t know who to trust.

Land Of Mosquitoes

This year the number of mosquitoes have increased and boy are they attacking you with a vengeance! Ever since I moved to Kacheripaddy from Thrikkakara, I’ve been affected by two things – it’s hotter here and there’s a whole lot of mosquitoes.

Thrikkakara was relatively mosquito free and a much cooler place to live in. Not so over here. I’ve had to use mosquito repellent many months in Kacheripaddy. But this year it’s worse. The attack of the tiny vampires are really bad. All across the places you can hear the ‘zap, zing’ as people swat at the mosquitoes with the electric bats that have sprung up all over the city. They resemble old tennis rackets and you swing them like you’re playing a forehand or a backhand in a tennis court.

When the wires of the bat hit the mosquito (provided ofcourse that you switch the button on) there’s a little bolt of current being passed and the mosquito is killed! Pretty neat device eh? You can even improve your strokes as you go on killing them little buggers. Over the weekend nights, I must have killed atleast 100 mosquitoes! There’s than many. Wish the city would clean up the garbage & the drainage system so we can reduce this pest.

The Male Version

It seems that there’s a drug trial in the UK for a contraceptive for men which intends to take the burden off women’s shoulders as far as family planning is concerned.

80 couples are taking part in the trial of the drug which the scientists claim to be as effective as the Pill. As they claim, the contraceptive will be administered in two injections every two months, tricks the brain into shutting off sperm production in men. They also claim that it’s effective 99% of the time and sperm counts should rapidly return back to normal once the injections are stopped.

No serious side-effects – although some men may experience hot flashes & mood swings! Holy smokes. I wonder where the injections are done, I certainly do not like the sound of those injections. Tricking the brain into shutting off sperm count? Hot flashes, mood swings? What if it turns you into a woman?

Seriously there should be an easier way (other than abstain from the act all together) for both men & woman.

Vancouver 2010 Olympics

I’ve never been a big time viewer / follower of the Olympics. I try to watch highlights and the medal tally and try and guess who the big winning nation will be.

Over the past few Olympics, interests have more directed towards the football & tennis departments and perhaps a look here and there. By the time of the 2002 Winter Olympics, I was hooked on hockey (the ice variant) would support Canada – since my fav players are from there & with India ofcourse being no where on the horizon in winter sports. This year, I got a glimpse of what seemed to be a spectacular opening ceremony and I wished I could have seen more since Bryan Adams, Nelly Furtado and ofcourse Wayne Gretzky were featured. And a personal hero, Rick Hansen also came all the way to the end of the lighting of the Olypmic torch.

I hope to catch some of the live hockey action but I’m not getting ESPN at this time. So I may have to rely on the good ole trusty world wide web to watch some of them.

Lonely Heart In Perfect February

February 2010 is a special month as it starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday – the perfect 4 week month. It also has only 28 days which I feel makes for the better month when compared with the 30 or 31 day variety.

This month also has Valentine’s Day, today infact. A day molded by card companies & chocolate makers to be the day of appreciating your loved one. The partner in your life. As you can tell, I do not like this day for obvious reasons. In it that I haven’t had a significant other for a very, very long time. And I do not foresee that changing in the near future, unless some woman comes along by pure accident to light up my life.

So like many other single guys or girls, I spent the day mostly on my own and ignored the messages of love being sent across the internet. I even refused to give a glance to the SMS messages that were being sent on a generic note. These things do not concern me at the moment. Sigh! But I wish it did.


The City On The Edge Of Tomorrow is constantly voted as either the best or one of the best TOS episodes ever. And we see a young, classy, sexy and gorgeous looking Joan Collins in it. Collins plays Edith Keller, a social worker in the 1930s, who helps homeless & down on their luck people get food, shelter & work.

In an effort to find Dr. McCoy, Captain Kirk and Spock go through a portal back in time to the year 1930 and meet the lovely Edith. She helps them find small menial work and arranges for a room for the two of them to live in. Spock finds out that if Edith Keller lives, in an alternate reality, she goes on to influence a late entry of the US in World War 2 which leads to a Nazi victory and a very different Earth, one in which there is no Starfleet or Federation. In order to restore the proper timeline Edith Keller must die.

This proves too hard for the emotional Kirk, who has started to fall in love with Edith and she towards him. So when an unsuspecting Edith approaches the path of a speeding truck, Kirk restraints McCoy from saving her life. This means instant death for Edith, a tragedy for one but the proper timeline is restored and things are back to normal.

I really can’t get over how young & beautiful Joan Collins looks. She is 76 years old at present and I have always known her as the middle-aged Dynasty era look. She looks radiant & stunning here.