Shorty Back & Sides

Here’s what I did today : woke up very late and then watched some Star Trek : DS9. I’ve just completed the 2nd season of this great series. After that, it was surfing online, drinking coffee and then watching videos on Youtube. By 11:30 am it was time to take a shower and then call up the office to check as to what’s happening there. By 12:30 I was heading over to Barista cafe for a late breakfast.

I had a Swiss Mocha frappe and a smoked chicken sandwich. The coffeeshop was very crowded today and I almost didn’t get a seat. Unfortunately, their Wifi was down and they also chose to play some really shitty songs. Like, one of the dumbest songs I have ever heard, ‘My Hump’ by the Blackeyed Peas! But just on cue, this chick with a really nice hump came and posed at the counter.

After spending enough time there to read a few chapters of a book, I then headed over to the barber shop and cup my mess of a hair. I am losing a lot of hair on the top but it grows quite a lot on the back and over my ears. In this hot climate, it’s not good to keep it long. So a nice shorty back & side later, I was headed over to Velocity for some White Mischief vodka and a biriyani for lunch.

A couple of hours there and 4 drinks later, I came back home for a lite snooze and more sci-fi.

Senators Trade Picard For Cullen

The Ottawa Senators have traded young defenceman Alexandre Picard to the Carolina Hurricanes in exchange for center Matt Cullen.

Acting as soon as his contract been extended GM, Brian Murray made a couple of changes to his squad which is doing very well at the moment. Cullen, who has 12 goals and 28 assists in 60 games played this season, could be a boost to the Senators 27th ranked power-play, as he spent time in Carolina playing at the point on their power-play unit. The 33-year old Minnesota native, who won a Stanley Cup with the Hurricanes in 2005-06, has 165 goals and 288 assists in 859 games played.

Then, the team announced it is waiving the underachieving Jonathan Cheechoo, who arrived in Ottawa last summer from San Jose in the Dany Heatley deal. The move means Cheechoo’s days with the Senators are over.

Sens Update, 12th Feb ’10

The Ottawa Senators haven’t let up much since our last update. On the 30th of January, the Sens closed out the first month of the new year with a 3-2 OT win over the Montreal Canadiens. Mike Fisher scored the winner, while Jason Spezza & Alexie Kovalev also scored.

After a 3 day rest, the Sens visited Buffalo and came back with a 4-2 win against the Sabers. Spezza & Daniel Alfredsson had two goals each as the Senators extended a franchise-best winning streak to 10 on Wednesday night. In a night of milestones, Brian Elliott stopped 36 shots to win his eighth in a row to match the team record he set last year.

The very next night, the Vancouver Canucks came calling in Ottawa and were beaten 1-3. Spezza, Milan Michalek & Chris Kelly scored the goals for Ottawa. Spezza scored his ninth goal in his last eight games and Ottawa extended its team-record winning streak to 11. The streak had to end sometime – and it happened two days later against the hate Toronto Maple Leafs. It was a 0-5 shutout victory for the Maple Leafs.

Two days rest was good enough for the Senators to get back to winning ways. They welcomed the Calgary Flames and came out 3-2 victors – Spezza scored his 10th goal in his last 10 games late in the second period to send Ottawa to a 3-2 victory over the Calgary Flames on Tuesday night. Elliott made 27 saves in his 11th straight start for the Senators, who won their 12th in 13 games and Kovalev & Ruutu also scored.

And finally, the Senators met the Washington Capitals and came out 6-5 winners – Spezza, Michalek, Alfredsson, Chris Neil, Kovalev & Chris Phillips scored the goals. Ottawa moved into the division lead with 74 points, one ahead of Buffalo, which lost 4-3 in overtime at Carolina.

Paint It Black – Just Like Your Heart

Sri Ram Sena – one of those holier than thou political parties – had attacked girls in a Mangalore pub last year to prevent them from entering it. The reason was that they felt that women frequenting pubs were completely against Indian culture. They were against the ‘Westernization’ of India. If I am not mistaken, this was also the same people who attacked a couple of parties/dances held by a call center in Mangalore, because there were girls presents along with the men.

Ram Sena chief Pranod Mutalik was taking part in a debate, organized by a local cable channel, held in the Bangalore Town Hall yesterday and talking strongly against the culture of ‘Valentine’s Day’, which is on this Sunday. Mutalik was warning the public saying that he would forcibly marry off any couple found together on February 14! First of all, who are these bastards? And how can they force people to do something against their will?

Well, Mutalik got attacked by members of the Youth Congress a few seconds after his verbal attack. Two youths stormed the stage and blacked his face – by painting his ugly mug with black ink! Son of a bitch got what he deserved.

The police say that the channel should have asked for protection. 6 men were arrested, the Sena activists started going on the rampage attacking Congress offices in Karnataka. And Mutalik had the nerve to say that the incident was, get this, an attack on….democracy! Democracy – hell bitch, you don’t know the meaning of the word.

The Great Tumblr

I’ve always loved blogs more than any other kind of website. And I mean normal blogging.

I must say that I prefer the usual blog format – you can always add more pictures and stuff in a blog and then as much writing as you want. It’s the writing that usually makes me come back to a blog over and over again. Cause anyone with a good camera can post pictures. But not everyone can post good blog posts. If  I come to visit you it’s because you are honest, expressive, thoughtful and funny. Or I find you extremely attractive – and that’s only for you girls, I don’t swing both ways. Shut up Manoj!

Having said that I’ve also jumped on the bandwagon and started accounts in many of the alternative options. Tumblr looks good. So I created an account there. Those of you who come here, please also bookmark my tumblr site – The Great Tumblr.

Baaaah, Moo To You

According to a snippet article in today’s Indian Express, cows outnumber humans in New Zealand! A record 5.8 million cows were counted by June 2009 against a New Zealand statistics count of 4.3 million citizens!

New Zealanders have long endured jokes about being outnumbered 20-1 when it came to sheep. However in 2009 that count was at a 8-1. Still, I am surprised that a beautiful country like New Zealand has only 4.3 million humans. That’s the population of one of the cities in the US, the UK or Germany.

Stargate Universe : Episode 6 “Water”

The crew of the ‘Destiny’ find out that their water supply has been disappearing mysteriously. Col. Young posts soldiers to guard their supply, some of which they initially think had evaporated when they entered the star. However that theory is soon ruled out. Young asks Dr. Rush about the possibility of dialing Earth from their Stargate but the scientist replies that as ‘Destiny’ is very old it could only charge upto 40% of it’s actual capacity when it entered the star.

Meanwhile Eli is asked to spy on the rest of the crew to see if anyone is stealing the water. As tensions start to mount, the ship dials the gate of an icy cold planet which has potentially a large supply of drinking water in the form of solid ice. Lisa Park and two other scientists have worked on repairing two Ancient environmental suits and Young & Lt. Scot are given plasma cutters to cut off huge blocks of ice which can replenish some of their water supplies.

Spencer is caught hoarding two cans of water and several energy bars, which he protests that he took before they entered Destiny. However the rest of the crew know that he was holding out on them to satisfy his own needs before the others.  Tamara Johansen meanwhile confronts an alien entity that resemble swarms of flies and which had followed Lt.Scot from the desert planet. These flies are the culprit, draining the water supply. Unfortunately Gorman provokes the swarm by firing at them and they retaliate by cutting his skin several times. After losing a lot of blood, he dies in the makeshift infirmary. Tamara lures the bugs into a barrel of water and they toss the barrel through the stargate into the ice planet.

Meanwhile Scot & Young have brought back a lot of water which will suffice for the time being. They almost lost Scot when he fell into a crevasse and it was with Col. Young’s help that he was able to pull himself back up again before the Destiny entered FTL again.

Be My, Be My Baby

I had this dream during the early hours of the morning.

Funnily enough, when I have these dreams I’m always back living in our former house in Thrikkakara. I guess that also means that I haven’t accepted this apartment we’ve been living in for the past 3.5 years as home yet and still consider the house in Thrikkakara as my home.

Anyways, in my dream, I had just come back home from a trip and was a little annoyed to see that the house was filled with a lot of guests who had come to meet my parents on their way to a wedding in a location about 4 hours away. My parents decided, after much pestering that they would join them as well and attend the wedding. I was like, whatever – just get off my back and give me some space. So I managed to smile and answer some dumb questions that these visitors, who I did not know well enough and could be least bothered to know, asked. An hour later, they all got into 5 cars and left for the wedding.

So, I was now alone at home in the big house and happy to be able to relax and have some ‘me time’. I took a quick shower (it was still morning) and put some music on. While I wandered into the guest bedroom, I noticed that the visitors had left something on the bed. I moved closer and saw that it was a doll that looked like a little baby. ‘Cute’ I thought……and upon closer inspection I thought ‘very lifelike’. And then….holy shit, it moved! It wasn’t a doll…someone had left their small baby behind when they left for the wedding!!!!!

I panicked, didn’t know what to do. What if it wakes up and starts crying? I can’t handle it. A quick check two doors down where my uncle and aunt live also proved to be no help – they weren’t at home. What do I do? The baby, a girl, starts stirring from it’s sleep. And it opens it’s eye and looks at me. I smile and say ‘Hi there’. She starts bawling. I pick her up and beg her not to scream her lungs out.  After a while, she calms down.

I notice a plastic bag next to the bed in which there is a baby bottle filled with milk and a pacifier. “Oh lucky me, is there a god?” I carry her and give her the bottle which she starts to suck like crazy. I smile “hey I can do this”. Two minutes later, she pees and poops all over me. I got my answer to the question. “No god, but I know now that Satan exists!”

I spy some diapers in the bag (did they leave this stuff here thinking that I was a nanny for hire) and after washing & cleaning myself up and then the baby, I try to wrap her up in a new nappy. This is hard. The first attempt puts both her legs into the same leg hole. The second time, it’s on backwards. How hard can this be? The third time it’s on her head. She looks at me as if to say “Hey buster, can we do this sometime before I turn 60?” I beg her “hey I’m new to this ya little monster”!

Pretty soon I managed to change her nappy properly and she’s as good as new. I carry her around and she’s content and smiling and most importantly not crying. She’s a cute little thing, smaller than most babies, curly hair, light brown eyes and the cutest smile you have ever seen. A neighbouring kid comes over and I get them to play with each other for a while. By mistake, the baby gets scratched on a rusty nail. We take the baby for a walk where on the way, there’s a clinic where I ask the doctor to check the baby out as I do not know if she could get an infection.

The doctor and nurse treat her and give her back to me. By now it’s almost time for the wedding party to come back, so I bring the baby back home and the walk and the treatment at the hospital has worn her out so she’s fast asleep in my arms. Just as I place her back on the bed, her family comes back to my house. Under my glaring eyes, the parents of the little baby cry and scream and pick up their baby. They had only noticed that the baby was missing once the wedding was over and then they all rushed back here. I couldn’t care about their explanations. But I was upset that the baby was going home to it’s parents. After they left I missed her.

This is when I woke up; it was around 6 am and I looked around. Yes I was home – in bed – in my room – in the apartment. I realized that it was all just a dream. But why did I have this dream? What did it mean? Is my biological clock ticking away and reminding me of something? Is it time to start……making babies?

Next 4 Days

I’m gonna be in a training program from 10 am till about 5 pm for the next 4 days. I do not really want to be in it but I have no choice since it is a newly designed 30 day Preprocess training for entry level executives in our company and being the Training head for Kerala, I have to oversee this. Despite the fact that I have a strong trainer who is going to get TTT certified in this program.

And another thing is that it’s gonna be done in our board room via video conferencing. That is the worst kind. Cause it’s only the two of us in the board room and a couple of other centers involved (Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu) and it can get very stale very quick. Still I must do it and bear it with a grin.

Who The Hell Is Sheamus?

Ok, I already admitted that I don’t keep up with the dealings, comings & going in the world of wrestling like I used to and am at best a casual observer for the past 2 years but who the heck is this guy Sheamus! I mean he comes outta nowhere and wins the WWE Championship on RAW!

Pale, pasty white skinned (reminds me of toothpaste) and a mop of bright orange/red hair, the Irishman moved to the WWE in 2006 but was in the development sections till July 2009 that he got a huge push into the main WWE matches. He had feuds with Goldust and Shelton Benjamin & Jamie Noble. He made his pay-per-view debut on Survivor Series and later on RAW won a battle royal to become the #1 contender for John Cena’s WWE Championship.

On December 13, at the TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view, Sheamus defeated Cena to win the WWE Championship, his first championship in WWE, making him the first Irish-born WWE Champion. I hear he’s being taunted with chants of ‘You can’t wrestle’ in many arenas but can’t state anything as I am yet to catch one of his matches.

2010 Royal Rumble Winner : Edge

Alright, nice way to make a comeback. I don’t usually get to watch much tv these days and get to watch WWE wrestling once in a blue moon, so this evening when I just switched on the tv and I saw that they were broadcasting the Royal Rumble event – I thought I’ll sit me down and watch it. Adam Copeland aka Edge came back from a long absence to win the Royal Rumble. He was last seen on July 3rd, where in a match against Jeff Hardy, his Achilles tendon tore and he had to undergo surgery.

At the time, it was reported that he would have to miss upto a year of wrestling but surprise, surprise, the roof came down on the crowd at the Atlanta venue as Edge walked in at the number 29th spot of the Rumble. To massive ovation, Edge jumped in and eliminated Chris Jericho and survived elimination a couple of times before dodging John Cena’s rush which turned into an elimination dive over the top ropes for the rap reject.

Edge must have turned into a ‘face’ as the crowd stood on it’s feet and cheered the returning Rated R superstar, who earned a championship opportunity of his choosing at Wrestlemania XXVI.

Crying Milk Gets The Baby Everytime

I realize that I had forgotten to mention this – a while back, we had a meeting in the board room of our office in which the regional head, a GM, was doing his version of blasting some sense into the employees at the Cochin office, including yours truly. Although his tirade was directed at mostly others, he also did turn to me on two occasions, although much less in intensity at the time.

Although he is a good leader & a very astute businessman, he is famous for his accent and mangling of the English language and I have joined others from time to time in mimicking his vocal delivery. But even I almost broke down in laughter when I heard his make a mistake in repeating a proverb: Instead of saying ‘crying baby gets the milk’ he actually said……’So, crying milk gets the baby‘!

That was almost too much for me and if it hadn’t been for the person sitting in front of me and blocking the view to me, he would have spotted tears coming down my cheeks as I stifled my laughter with my hand over my mouth. And in my mind, I actually saw a cartoonish scene in which a cartoon of milk, with eyes, nose and mouth, is crying out loud and a concerned crawling baby comes to it and pats it and says ‘awww, don’t cry milky’!

Evening On The Roof Top Garden

After a stressful and tension bogged week at the office, the best way to blow of some steam is to hang out with your best friends. I am lucky to have two best friends who I can count on to make me laugh and forget about the problems at work for a few hours. I count myself fortunate to have such friends and, rightfully, I look forward to meeting these two guys.

For new readers, I met Madhu & Anil in 2003, while the three of us were working for AspinWall in their outbound sales Call Center. The two of them had already meet a few weeks earlier and over the next few months, we became a trio of close friends and who have remained so despite the passing years. I have only worked with them for 7 months but they have remained my closest friends till date.

Madhu, Anil & me

As such, today evening we decided to get together for a few drinks, postoned from last week. We met at Malabar House Rooftop Garden bar and had a few drinks with some good food. Kozhuva fry, chilli pork, salad, garlic prawns, eggs & peanuts were wolfed down as we downed brandy, whiskey & vodka.

The hours went by quickly and before long we were all tired. I knew that by 10:30 pm I wanted to get back home and relax on my bed after a tough week at work. But unwinding by hanging out with your best buds is a great thing to do. Even if the discussions have become very predictable – marriage (or lack off in the case of Anil & me), family and I’ve asked them to try and look out for a new job for me as I want to get out of this company that I am currently in.

Just before 11 pm, I am back in my room, relaxing and letting the food digest and thinking about nothing but sleep for the rest of the weekend. Goodnite guys.