Road Safety Awareness Drive

Today, as part of a community service thingy, our company and the Rotary Club combined it’s efforts to have a brief activity drive with a message : Road Safety.

This company that I work for has had its share of accidents on the road and even on the railway track (our office is opposite a railway cross that sees it’s share & more of train related deaths). We’ve had employees become victim to and victim of drunk driving. We’ve had crashes and little accidents and so far nothing has been fatal. But we don’t want to tempt fate.

Hence this activity – a bunch of our employees (yours truly included) marched from our office towards to prominent junctions nearby and back, with banners held aloft & lots of pamphlets that drove the message of road safety awareness. It was hot and it was sweaty and everyone was tired 60 mins later when we all reached back to the air conditioned confines of the center. Here are a few pics.