The Night Before A Wedding

Today was the night before the wedding of Firdous, one of my team members. Since most of the team were busy on Sunday, the actual day of the wedding, we decided to go to his house this evening and give him a gift that we had bought for him for the occasion. Attending this event is akin to attending the wedding and since it is in the evening, a lot of people prefer this.

I arranged for a cab from the office to take us to the groom’s house which is about 5 kms away from the office. Manoj, the MIS spoc from my team, also brought his car along, so Wasim, Ajeeba, Roopa and myself went in the company cab to Firdous house. Following behind us were Anusha, Rajeesh and a girl from Admin in Manoj’s car. A couple of guys from the Quality team and the remaining guys from Admin also joined us at different times. I think it meant a whole lot to Firdous that many of us could come to the function.


We found the place with some difficulty; it’s a little rural like area with very few buses and very few pockets of commercial activity. In fact, I had to call Firdous to guide us to his house. Once there, we were introduced to his mother, sister, brother-in-law, cousins and grandmother. They asked us to sit in the living room and brought us some soft drink. We talked for a while and took a couple of pictures.

Pretty soon they asked us to have dinner, which is mass home prepared chicken biriyani. They had a couple of temporary tents set up nearby and tables & chairs arranged in them. We all sat together and then people started serving these huge quantities of biriyani rice and chicken pieces that was piping hot. A little salad was also served on the side. Man, was it delicious and we all tucked in to the hot food. Unfortunately, Roopa, one of my trainers, felt a little sick due to the heat and the hot food and the fact that she rarely eats properly.


Post that we had to leave quickly so we said our goodbyes to Firdous and made our way back to the cars. Roopa, Ajeeba and I went in the company cab and I ensured that the two ladies were dropped off home before I got dropped just a little after 9:45 pm.

The Low Down Shoes Blues

Bad few days for being a shoe! I’m so upset about it that I couldn’t get myself to blog about it yesterday.

I had bought a shoe from a shop quite near my apartment a few months back. It was quite a good shoe and yet cheaper than most shoes of the same kind in the bigger stores that I had seen. So I bought it and wore it but a few days back I noticed a hole on the left side of the left shoe. Damn, I have to buy a new one (I only keep a pair with me at all times).

So I went into the same store on Monday night and bought another pair. This one was a bit tight around the toes. However it was the right size numbered and when I tried the next biggest size it was quite loose. So I bought that and came home. Yesterday, just 4 days later, during my almost hour long walk in the hot afternoon sun, I tripped on this big rock and the heel part of the show is now flapping open like the mouth & tongue of a dog after he has run a mile! It’s ruined.

The store said that they’d try to get it stitched in such a way that it won’t show on the outside. But I am not optimistic. Sigh!