This always happens to me while I wait for a bus at HMT junction to take me back home from work. Always at night (post 7:30 pm) and almost always when I am alone.

I would be walking to the bus stop right smack in the middle of HMT junction from the office, deep in my thoughts and hoping to reach home without having to wait too long for a bus. At this time of the evening, buses play within a 5-7 minute difference. So I stand there and I would be standing all alone or there might be one or two more persons also waiting for a bus at the time. As the minutes drag and you look around, just before the next bus comes, you will notice a lot more people standing near you and even more walking towards the bus stop!

WTF?! Like cockroaches coming out of the woodwork, the bus stop is now filled with many more people. So when the bus comes, I chose not to alight it as I don’t want it to be crowded. I then have to wait for the next bus, as I did this evening. This always happens!

I haven’t noticed this is other bus stops, major or minor, so it could be something that is unique to HMT Junction! Or is it a conspiracy?