For reasons that I do not want to share at this moment, my brain has been in all kinds of  mental turmoil for the past two days. A 100 different thoughts going through my mind at the same time and unable to finish even one of them is not good. And I’m the kind of person who cannot hide the stress & tension from his face – it’s there in plain sight for all to see.

Yesterday’s review did not go well; even if it was over the phone there were still all training teams from 7 different circles and my center did not shine well in either training or quality. Some issues are beyond my control but it still is bad. On top of that, I made a terrific blunder – I said something that was so stupid, I was lucky that two people who spoke about it right after managed to confuse the clients so much that they moved on to the next topic at hand.

I didn’t enjoy it at all and I was so upset for most of the next 24 hours after that. I made the blunder because my mind is not totally alert and I should not be expected to make such a thing. I need a break and as such I have applied for one – I will be taking 4 days away from work the next week. From Friday till the next Monday. By then another big decision will also be coming my way and I need my head to be sorted out by then.