The Love Guru

I’m a huge fan of Mike Myers, I dig Jessica Alba and I love the sport of hockey – but I gotta admit; this movie failed big time! A box office failure and a critically panned film, The Love Guru seems like an oddly put together, badly acted and badly scripted last minute rush. Here’s my take:

  • The best parts are the songs: 9 to 5, More Than Words & The Joker sung by Myers. The scene with Myers singing the Extreme ballad playing on a sitar along with Manu Narayan on guitar is good.
  • Bad casting – Verne Troyer as the Toronto Maple Leafs coach. Terrible!
  • Bad casting – Justin Timbersucks; can’t sing, can’t act. Is a douchebag!
  • The overuse of an actresses’ name as a Sanskrit greeting : Mariska Hargitay! They could have atleast had her cameo appearance at the end of the show instead of towards the beginning.
  • The Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup – hahahaha!
  • Jessica Alba is wasted in this movie, more like a prop rather than the female lead.
  • I did not like Romany Malco as the hockey star. Really bad acting.
  • And oh my sweet Satan! What the fuck is Ben Kingsley doing as a really badly cartoon version of a guru. Guru Tugginmypudha – perhaps the name is the funniest part. What a bad accent and dumb acting.
  • Ok, I gotta admit it. Watching white people singing & dancing to Hindi songs is funny.
  • Myers is funny in places (doing the cool handshake thingy) but overall, it’s a waste of a really good talent.

Bad movie, bad acting, silly script! It all went wrong. The trailer was funnier and more entertaining to watch! 6 outta 10.

Sens Update, 7th April 2010

On the 30th of March, The Senators went to Washington to face the Conference leading Capitals. In the clash of the two nations capital city’s teams, the Sens were victorious. The Senators, looking to be in top form for the postseason, won their fifth in a row Tuesday night, blowing an early lead before rallying to beat the Capitals 5-4 in overtime. Jason Spezza with two goals led the attack followed by goals by Peter Regin, Alexei Kovalev & Chris Campoli.

Two days later on the 1st of April, it was back home in Ottawa where they hosted the Carolina Hurricanes. The Sens needed a shootout to gain victory 4-3. Erik Karlsson had two goals, while Alexander Volchenkov also scored one. Kovalev had the shootout goal win.

The New York Islanders derailed the Ottawa train and stopped them from getting their 7th win in a row. At the Islanders home ice, Martin Biron had 28 saves to lead the New York Islanders to a 4-1 win over the Ottawa Senators on Saturday. Matt Cullen’s close-range goal late in the third ended Biron’s bid for his 27th career shutout.

And last night, on Daniel Alfredsson’s 1000th NHL game, Mike Fisher scored twice to help Ottawa beat the Florida Panthers 5-2 Tuesday night for their seventh win in eight games. Jarkko Ruutu, Karlsson and Chris Neil also got goals for Ottawa. Pascal Leclaire made 32 saves on a rare start for him.