Pasted & Creamed: Birthday Celebrations

I woke up at 6 am all bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to face the world. After all I’ve been doing this for the past 34 years and I have quite a lot of experience in doing so.  I got many wishes sent to me via SMS, emails, Orkut, Facebook & Twitter throughout the day. I got ready and went to the office. I had also arranged to get some sweets to give to the staff at work.

Wishes and work done, my team had ordered a cake and were ready for me to cut it and then paste the cream on my face. As is customary, some of my colleagues pasted my face with cream and bits of cherry. You can see the end result in the left hand pic above.

Then I gathered my team and got into a bus – I took them out for an early dinner. There’s a place called the Bar-be-que Inn near the North railway station bus stop, just after Focus laptops. The quality of food served there is tops and the cost wasn’t that much. So Roopa, Rekha, Rajeesh, Wasim, Anusha & I took a bus from HMT junction and headed towards North.

We had arranged for my former second in command and good friend Ajeeba to join us for dinner. She now works in Wrench Solutions as AM Training and we miss her a lot. So it was good to have her join us for some good food. We met her at the bus stop and then walked over to the hotel.

There the team gave me my gifts – a Boss wallet and a 3D effect wall hanging thingy of two parrots (or some kinda bird). The hanging thingy is very nice but the wallet is superb. I love it.

So thanks guys, I truly enjoyed the day, the food and the company. I laughed a lot and I was touched by your efforts to make it a very special day for me and I loved the gifts. It was a great day for me and I hope u guys had a great time too.

Happy 34th

Happy Birthday to me! Holy shit, I turned 34 years old today. Can’t believe that another year has gone by for me and that I’m growing older. I’m gonna try not to dwell too  much on the negatives of my life and stay focused on enjoying the day (good luck on that buddy).

I’m gonna go to work but I’ll be leaving early and take my team out for an early dinner.