Stargate Universe : Episode 16 “Sabotage”

During a meeting in the gate room Col. Young confirms to the rest of the crew that Destiny is flying across the void between galaxies. This means that Destiny won’t make any Stargate connections any time soon, so Young is imposing strict food and water rationing. Rush then informs Young that Destiny will fall short of her next jump and is beginning to conserve energy. He also suggests getting in touch with a scientist back on Earth, Amanda Perry, a quadriplegic who might be able to assist them in increasing the FTL drives’ efficiency.

Initially Vanessa James volunteers to switch bodies with Amanda but she is soon spooked by the effort it takes to use the ventilator and move in a wheelchair, so Camille Wray takes over. Camille is willing to get used to the difficulty just to get to spend some time with her lover in their home. As Amanda gets to work with Rush and the others, the ship is rocked by a violent explosion. Perry and Rush are working in the gate room, when the Stargate starts dialing in. Concerned, Rush radios Greer to send a team in.

Quickly, Greer and other military personnel prepare themselves and run to the gate room. By the time they arrive, Greer tells the two to leave, but Rush assures him that they don’t need to be concerned. To his surprise, Chloe, Eli and Scott make it through. When they lower their weapons, Greer and Scott joyfully reunite. Eli tells the others how  he noticed Destiny’s address on the bottom of the kino. Then they discover a robot who makes repairs on the ship and can fix the damaged sections which got affected by the explosion. While they wait, Brody introduces his moonshine, which he made in his lab, to the others who all relish the opportunity to have some alcoholic drink no matter how bad it is.

While taking a break from working, Amanda and Rush let their mutual attraction for each other get the better of them and they kiss. However Rush stops it as he says that he just had to go through his wife’s death again and cannot go  through with it. They do comfort each other. They also discover how the sabotage happened – when Lt. James freaked out, she left the stones with cleansing it; a blue alien also took the stones at their end and switched bodies with James and sabotaged the ship. Franklin, still in a catatonic state since using the chair, now briefly speaks to state that he wants to be led to the chair. The reason is that the alien ships start to attack Destiny and by using the chair Franklin can guide Destiny away from the aliens. However, he vanishes once the work is one.

Amanda and Rush say their goodbyes and she switches back into her body while Camille bids her lover farewell and rejoins the crew back on Destiny.