Night Of Champions 2010 – Match Card

I don’t watch much wrestling these last few years and as the months pass I watch lesser & lesser. But I always am interested in the story lines, match ups and characters but even more interesting are the pay-per-view events. September sees the Night Of Champions on the 19th and it promises to be very exciting indeed.

The main or headlining match heading into Night of Champions from the Raw brand features the defending champion Sheamus trying to fend off Randy Orton, John Cena, Edge, Wade Barrett and a to be decided 6th wrestler feuding over the WWE Championship. Chris Jericho was supposed to be the fifth announced by the new anonymous RAW general manager but last week, he participated in a match with John Morrison under the stipulation that he would be taken out of the Night of Champions match if he did not win. Jericho lost the match and was removed from the Six-Pack Challenge.

From Smackdown, champion Kane will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against his kayfabe brother the Undertaker. About three months ago, The Undertaker had been mysteriously put in a vegetative state. Upon finding out about this, Kane had attempted to seek vengeance against the culprit. Although Kane had initially accused Rey Mysterio to be the guilty party, it turned out to be Kane himself who put Taker out of commission for those 3 months. So now the Phenom is back and out for revenge against his half-sibling.

Other matches involves an interbrand affair with the¬†Divas Champion Melina and the¬†Women’s Champion Layla and¬†Michelle McCool, collectively known as Team Lay-Cool, in a¬†Title Unification Match. Also The Miz will defend his US Championship against his former rookie Daniel Bryan.