Madhu Fucks Up, Anil & I Forgive Him

Two evenings ago Anil called me saying that he felt like having a couple of drinks and asked if I wanted to get together. It did not happen. Yesterday I called Anil and said that I was in the mood for a beer or two and asked if he could drop by my favourite bar in the evening. That too did not materialize.  So I thought that today being Saturday might be a possibility. Anil called and setup a meeting in the evening with Madhu as well. Ok, here I come.

However Madhu could throw us a curve ball. He wanted us to come to a bar in Kakkanad. He said that it was a good place and that the food was good & cheap. Both Anil & I felt that Kakkanad was too far away and that we preferred going to a place nearer to the city area. But Madhu was adamant and plus he lived close to Kakkanad so he insisted that we try out this new place tonight. So after work I left for Kakkanad and went to the bar next to Hill View hotel. It was cheap, non-air conditioned, dirty, noisy and smoke filled. It was nothing like any of the places that we usually go to.  We could barely hear ourselves talk and couldn’t wait to get outta there.

After a couple of drinks there and some light snacks, we couldn’t bare to stay there any longer. The smoking all around me made me feel sick and I started sneezing and got a little cold because of it. Madhu was apologetic because Anil & I were hounding him and blamed him for the poor choice of bars. It was at his insistence that we came there and so it was all his fault. So I made an announcement – Madhu can next choose a venue for drinks only on his 50th birthday!! That’s 15 years away!!

However that was no reason why our evening couldn’t be a success. Quite close by was a well liked Chinese Restaurant called the Golden Dragon. They serve real Chinese food, not the masalafied and too oily & spicy Kerala styled Chinese food. So we headed over there and thought that it looked like a good place so why not have dinner over there?

The place was quite except for lightly played rock music flowing through the speakers. It was neat, clean and inviting. The place did look a bit small and I could use a bit more space between the tables to ensure privacy but otherwise it was a great dining place. After they served us water, the waiter brought us three menus. We started out with spicy sea food soup, which was mostly shrimp and squid. It was hot, tasty as hell and thick. We loved the taste and I was glad for the hot soup as it cleared my stuffed nose.

Then it was onto the main part of the dinner. We ordered two Emerald fried rice, Hong Kong chicken and a sweet & sour fish dish. The place was getting filled and families made their way in. Pretty quickly, the waiter cleared our soup bowls and served us the food. It was hot, extremely tasty & satisfying and just perfect. No way did it feel too full or heavy and certainly it wasn’t oily at all. We enjoyed the food and talked for a bit as we ate. My  favourite was the sweet & sour fish which went down well.

We stopped to chat with Anil’s cousin who live nearby and who had come to buy take out for his wife & himself. Then it  was back to attacking the food. Soon the plates were empty and we ordered ice cream and closed the evening. The bill came out to be lesser than we thought that it would be. Madhu walked us to the auto stand nearby and Anil & I shared an auto. He dropped me off at my apartment while he went on to his.

Well Anil & I are content in the fact that we will never be back to Kakkanad for drinks in a place recommended by Madhu. Now it’s only the two of us who can choose the venue. Madhu will be the silent spectator and he can come along and join us. But he will next get a chance to pick the venue on his 50th birthday for his treat to us!