In Those Final, Pre-Meteor Hours

A giant meteor is headed toward Earth. What do you do with the last day of your life?

I’d wake up early and watch the sunrise, my final sunrise on Earth, with some of my favourite morning songs and some strong coffee. After a shower & a shave (gotta face that meteor looking clean & sharp), I’d have a hearty breakfast and change into neatly pressed clothes. I’d travel to all the place nearby that I like, place that mean something to me. I’d spend some time at the beach as that’s one of my favourite place to be.

I’d try to meet as many friends & loved ones as possible. I’d say my sorrys and ask for forgiveness from those who I’ve hurt and forgive those who hurt me. The latter is ofcourse only if they wish to apologize to me. And to those assholes who I hate; well it’s the double middle finger to them and a loud ‘Fuck You, motherhumpers’ for them!

I’d eat some fried chicken or pizza for lunch/dinner, have some ice cream and join my friends for a final booze fest. Drink beer, brandy & my fav vodka! Toast my final toasts to all the good things we were lucky to have on our existence on mother Earth. Towards nightfall, I’d hug my friends and say my goodbyes and leave for home.

At home I’ll crank up the volume and rock out to my favourite songs. You have to go out in style. And as the metero reaches the atmosphere and panic strikes, people jump of buildings and cliffs, killing themselves before the inevitable – there’s just one more thing that I gotta do! One more thing that I gotta do, before the meteor hits this planet and kills all life on it!

I gotta get my family into the secret big spaceship that was built for this very reason and fly ourselves outta here and LEAVE YOU ALL SUCKERS BEHIND TO DIE!

Nanny nanny boo boo!

Stargate Universe : Episode 21 “Intervention”

Season 2 started almost 2 months back and I’ve been downloading all the episodes and watching them within a couple of days that they are shown in the US/Canada. Torrent is a heaven sent for fans of this & other shows which aren’t shown in India. Anyway, I hope that those of you who do get this show on your tv channels are engrossed in what I think is the best tv show in the last few years. I like this a lot more than BSG but not as much as I love Stargate Atlantis and the Star Trek shows. But I think that over time SGU will be lauded as one of the best shows ever on tv.

So when we revisit the crew of Destiny, TJ is unconscious and hallucinates that she is back on the planet where some of the crew stayed behind on. Robert Caine greets her and TJ sees that she is not pregnant but has delivered her baby girl. However, in reality the shot that hit her cause a lot of bleeding and her baby died.

Chloe finds that her wound has mysteriously healed and that she is no longer bleeding. Eli lets Scott & Greer in through the airlock. Meanwhile while Telford recovers, Kiva however dies from their gun fight and Dannic takes over command of the Lucian Alliance. Sympathetic Varro has Camile Wray, Dale Volker, and two others use the long-range communication device to call in doctors to treat the wounded. What follows is a big struggle for control of the ship with Dannic willing to use force to get his way. However when Dannic tries  to kill Telford for his defiance, Ginn shoots him in the back first, killing him.Rush & crew gain control of Destiny once again and frees all the rest, The sympathetic Alliance personnel are allowed to stay onboard the ship while the remainder of Kiva’s team are moved to an uninhabited planet.

Along This Broken Road

Everyone who has lived in Cochin for a while hates the state of the roads. It’s hard to ignore the huge pot holes that are as big a feature of the city & suburbs as much as anything else. Only problem is that the tourists aren’t coming here to see them potholes! And neither are us locals loving them either. The city is a laughing joke when it comes to infrastructure so why should the roads be any different?

I remember the area in Thrikkakara where my family and I lived for 19 years. It’s a quite residential suburban area and as such the roads are not that wide. The roads were always in a pathetic state and not helped in any way by the fact that the underground water pipes always break and caused leakage. Workers had to dig the sides of the road and fix the pipes on a regular basis – while the pipes get fixed the road ends up broken. Does the local governing body do anything to fix that? No! What they did was wait until just before the monsoon season and then tar the roads. We ended up with clean & fresh looking roads for a couple of weeks. Then the monsoon hits it and the roads get all messed up again because it was a half-assed job. we get huge potholes and puddles in the potholes. Every year that’s what happened – they’d fix the roads once again just before the rains start!

Similarly that’s what happens in other parts of the city – they tar the roads, make them looking all new and clean just for show. Then a few weeks later, they break open one side for some cable work, underground electric cable work or something else. Leave the roads all messed up and the rains come again. You’ll find stones on the side of the road, people getting holes in their shoes because of the bad conditions of the road and perhaps even a few sprained ankles, tires getting damaged and the undersides of cars getting scratched and damaged etc. All because our government is stupid. But does anybody do anything about it? Fuck no!

Losing Your Cool In Public

I can’t remember losing my temper in public many times but yes I do lose my temper a lot and working in sometimes chaotic environments does sometimes lead me to lose my cool and blow a fuse. I can get angry and shout and use the foulest language known to mankind and scare the living daylights out of anyone within earshot radius. Yes it is not a pretty sight children!

I think I’ve blown my top a couple of times in the office. Yes, the office can get under your skin and drive you crazy. I remember that the behaviour of some people had driven me crazy (not just me but there were more shocked than angry) and I was thinking how dare these bastards act like this. Insulting, degrading, snobbish & overall negative attitude designed to bring you and your work down. And they thought that they could just get away with it because they happen to come from Bombay or Bangalore or some corporate office!

There were a couple of incidents that I wish to erase from memory mostly because of my reaction towards them rather than the fact that it happened. I was a bit ashamed and also the outburst did not help rectify the situation at all.

An Afternoon @ Couchin

Today Sujith & I decided to go out and have some fun. But before I went anywhere else first, I needed a haircut. My hair, although balding on the top of my head was still long and as it gets unruly very quickly and blows all over my face in the wind, I needed to get it cut. So after a nice long cold shower (no heater for me), I changed and went to Mama Mia hair cutting saloon. Getting my hair cut always reminds me of how much I am balding. There’s hair missing just above the forehead as my hairline is receding and there’s a bald spot on top of my head. I fear the day that the twain shall meet! Sigh, balding blows but other than a hair transplant or a wig there’s nothing much I can do about it. Genetics has not been kind to me. Fuck!

After that I went over to Convent Junction and waited for a while as Sujith was still on his way to town. I decided to go into Archies and get a present for my sister’s kids. I browsed through all the selections and finally bought a board game called ‘Life’ for the kids. I got that packed and then went into Coffee Cube. Sujith joined me in 10 minutes and we got Caramel Frappes and talked about where we should go for drinks and lunch. Couchin was the popular choice – of the both of us – especially as neither of us have ever been there. So, into an auto we went and we ended up at the Grand Hotel (“it was empty and cold and bare but with the Rolling truck Stones thing just outside…” ) They have this nice pub in their building called ‘Couchin’ – get it? It’s a play on the words couch and Cochin. Nice.

The place is very dark and sleek looking with some big comfy couches, sofas and low tables, bar stools at the counter and some smaller tables on one section. We took a table and checked out the menu. Everything is priced way above what it should be! Fucking expensive place and the waiters have a snobbish attitude. We decided to stick to beer as everything else was ridiculously costly and ordered two Kingfishers each and a plate of chicken wings which was very good. Then we also had the barbecued sausages, which were dipped in barbecue sauce and tasted amazingly great!


The place is amazingly decorated and even the bathrooms are so sexy & sleek looking. I thought they did a swell job of decorating the place. A few lighted indoor water fountains, with alternating red, blue and green lights would look so cool in there and maybe I should tell them that the next time I visit. Couple of big screen tvs are also hooked up with cable access.

We were hungry but the place only serves snacks so after more than 2 hours & 2 beers later we went to Chinese Garden and had lunch which didn’t taste as good as the food at Couchin. Will I go to Couchin again? Yes I would but it wouldn’t be to have a meal just drinks and some eats and its better to go with a couple of friends atleast. It’s not a place to sit by yourself and drink. Nice ambience, nice furniture, good food but their service is slow and their waiters rude and the wares and too fucking expensive. Over-priced is more accurate a description. Till next time!

Sens Update, 7th Nov 2010

Ok, things would not go well immediately after my last update on the Senators. Ottawa welcomed the Boston Bruins and were such perfect hosts that they forgot to score against their opponents.  Tim Thomas made 29 saves for his second straight shutout and third of the season, improving to 6-0 with the Boston Bruins’ 4-0 victory over the Ottawa Senators on Saturday night. Thomas has 20 career NHL shutouts, five against the Senators. David Krejci, Tyler Seguin, Milan Lucic and Jordan Caron scored to help the Bruins raise their record to 6-2-0. Brian Elliott made 21 saves for Ottawa.

However the first week of November has been very good for us. First was a visit to Toronto – Sergei Gonchar and Erik Karlsson scored power-play goals 2:26 apart and the Senators beat the Maple Leafs 3-2 on Tuesday night in a game that also saw the Leafs lose captain Dion Phanuef to injury. Mike Fisher also scored a goal. Two days later back in Ottawa, Jason Spezza had a goal and three assists as his team beat the New York Islanders 4-1 Thursday night and handed New York its sixth straight loss. Spezza, held without a point in his first two games back from a groin injury, set up goals by defencemen Sergei Gonchar and David Hale before scoring his second of the season to put Ottawa up by three 6:17 into the second. He got his third assist when Chris Kelly scored into an empty net with 12.5 seconds remaining. Peter Regin had two assists.

That brings us to last night and a visit to Montreal to face the in form Canadiens. Alexi Kovalev scored twice for his 996th and 997th career points, and the Senators extended their winning streak to three with a 3-2 victory. Kovalev, who played for Montreal from 2003-09, opened the scoring late in the first period. He added his second goal of the game on a power play 6:42 into the third, a slap shot through traffic past Carey Price that restored Ottawa’s two-goal lead at 3-1. Zack Smith, who was recalled from Binghamton also scored.

What If You Never Existed?

Have you ever thought about this? What if you were never born? And what would life be like for your family & close friends if you never existed? I have thought about that and you know what? It can’t be that bad for them!

After my sister was born my dad & mom waited 6 years before having me. My sister could have easily be an only child. I suppose my folks would be living here, just the two of them in a house or in an apartment like this one, eating dinner and watching crappy shows & reality tv before going to sleep. Not much would change there but my mom’s obsession with ‘pissing me off’ would not exist.

How many friends & acquaintances would have their lives changed or be less good if I never existed? Would they go about their lives thinking subconsciously that something is missing! Some spice is missing in their lives. Some pizazz, some sizzle and some sexiness. Seriously, how many people’s lives would be less of a life without you in it? That’s something to think about.

Tomorrow is Sunday. Get some coffee, play some music in the background, sit by the window and think about it. If atleast a couple of people’s lives would be poorer without you, then everything is worth it. If now, might as well go jump out that window!

Slash (Deluxe Edition) By Slash

Slash’s last studio recording with Guns n’Roses was back in 1993 & the Spaghetti Incident. Two years later he came out with a semi-super group rock band Slash’s Snakepit and came out with It’s 5’0 Clock Somewhere. A totally different band with less famous musicians joined Slash for the follow up Snakepit album called Ain’t Life Grand. My interest in his work was very minimal as I couldn’t really get into the first album post GnR. Then came Velvet Revolver and I just didn’t like them much, mostly cause I didn’t like vocalist Scott Weiland. Now in 2010 out comes Slash’s first truly solo work – but as he is a guitarist and likes to work with singers, he has a ton of guest vocalists. Self-titled and stocked with a bunch of adrenaline, I’m finally getting back into the top hatted guitar player. Slash is now relevant for me!

Ok, without further ado let’s get into the album. Hot off the start, my favourite slash riff, solo hits me bang on the forehead. Ghost is my favourite track on this record. Featuring the vocal chops of The Cult singer Ian Astbury, it’s that fun rock n’roll track that I love. Ozzy Osbourne is someone that Slash considers to be a guru, as does a multitude of rockers across the globe. So no wonder the Ozzman has been asked to contribute his vocals to a track – Crucify The Dead. Musically it does sound more of an Ozzy song rather than something Slash would put out but that is probably intentional. Ok next track, Beautiful Dangerous, is where I don’t like it so much. Because Fergie comes on and sings! If you listen to this song, you get the feeling that this chick is looking for that rock image but I don’t get it! I guess the song was written with her in mind. I also get this as a song that strippers will dance to on one of their routine! Ok, maybe it isn’t so bad!

One of the big singles from the albums comes up next – Back From Cali is about leaving the big bad city of Los Angeles and going back to wherever the hometown is. Featuring the vocals of Myles Kennedy, this song is a live crowd favourite. Myles has been so important to Slash’s live shows that the tour supporting this albums is attributed as Slash featuring Myles Kennedy, as the singer is doing most of the songs on the tour. Chris Cornell does a very good job in Promise, a weird sounding little ditty that I like so much. Cornell sounds as earnest as possible pleading to never change the fire in you. Next comes the big one going by the music industry’s reaction – Andrew Stockdale (Wolfmother’s vocalist) does a wail and a howl in By The Sword, a song about how to face death when the time comes. I’ve seen a couple of live renditions of this song and it’s even better live. One of the surprises on the album is the song Gotten. The way it sounds stylistically and lyrically, I’m finding it hard to picture Slash behind the song. Maroon 5’s lead singer Adam Levine lends his vocals for the song.

Ancient rocker Lemmy lends a hand and his vocals in Doctor Alibi. Again this song sounds more like a track from Lemmy’s band rather than Slash featuring Lemmy. We get an instrumental in Watch This feautring Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) on drums and Slash’s old buddy in both GnR & Velvet Revolver Duff McKagan on bass. This track sounds nothing like Slash has done before and hence comes as being rather fresh. Kid Rock can actually sing – I thought he was just crap err… rap! Kidding, I have heard him sing properly so was aware of his chops. He lends his vocals to I Hold On, a song about holding on to the one you love. I have never heard the band Sevenfold or their singer M. Shadows. The song Nothing To Say sounds nothing like I expect from Slash but the singer sounds a bit like Axl when he sings in a lower tone. The song is ok. Myles Kennedy returns with Starlight, a song about love, broken hearts and making things better and finding a place to belong.

I’ve never heard of Rocco Deluca who sings Saint Is A Sinner Too. The song basically sounds like a song by Deluca and his band The Burden with Slash guesting on guitar, rather than the other way round. Again, I dunno if that is a good thing or a bad thing; it’s a good song nothing against it. Iggy Pop features on the next track; We’re All Gonna Die tells you that since it’s inevitable let’s gets high, be nice to each other & jump and pee on the ground! Very cool song though and oh he also likes your tits! An initial shock was that Cypress Hill have done a rap version of Paradise City – THE song that turned me on to GnR as a 12 year old kid – a holy song as far as GnR fans are considered. Even bigger shock was the bombastic vocals screaming out the chorus and other lines – fuck it’s Fergie! Sounding like Axl’s baby sister she shows that yes she is a rocker chick in hiding, dolled up and singing nonsensical lyrics with that wimpy crap Black Eyed Turds hasn’t dulled  her natural big vocals. Grudging admiration.

As this is the deluxe version of the album we also get acoustic versions of Back From Cali & a very good & excellent acoustic version of Sweet Child Of Mine featuring Myles Kennedy. Maybe Myles should never go back to Alterbridge and stick with Slash and form a strong duo. And going by majority of the comments in Youtube, most fans agree. Good album; I’d give it 8 outta 10. So I like Slash’s music again and things are good. Enjoy the video for Back From Cali.

My 5 Worst Vices

Chocolate & chocolate biscuits/cookies
Dealing with loneliness, tough days/weeks at work and whenever I get depressed, I turn to chocolate. I buy a big bar and sit with it for a long time at my computer.

I am extremely good at procrastination. I often regret it later but it’s always there.

Day Dreaming
Especially on a somewhat dull day at work, I can day dream. Yesterday I was off in outer space fighting aliens while piloting my space ship while staring at a report I had made on Excel. I was apparently staring at it for 45 mins, as pointed out to me by a girl who sits near by.

Is drinking coffee a vice? Maybe drinking lots of it is. I can drink 6 to 7 big mugs of it a day but have recently slowed down and I’m sticking to 3 or 4 at the maximum.

Seriously I need to get my act together. I put off clearing my stuff – I have lots of used up disposable razors in my bathroom, used batteries (for my USB mouse), old newspapers/magazines and stuff in my bedroom. I need to clean it up.

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Blast From TV’s Past : You Again?

While discussing some old tv series from the 1980s with my sister, she reminded me of a series that I hadn’t thought of in a long time. John Stamos & Jack Klugman played an estranged father & son duo who have just started to rebuild their relationship again in the situation comedy You Again?

The series came out in 1986 and ran for two seasons and got canceled in 1987 but I think it was a damn good and funny sit com. Henry Willows’ (Klugman) life is turned upside down when his estranged son Matt (Stamos) comes to live with him. Henry had become fairly comfortable with his life as a supermarket manager and was not really looking to make major changes to it as he is still bitter about the divorce from his wife. 7 year old Matt at the time of the divorced announced in court that he wanted to live with his mom and her new boyfriend and hence Henry never even made an attempt to see his son in 10 years.

Matt comes to live with his father after his rebellious ways gets him in trouble with his mom & step-dad. Henry is always suspicious about his son and feels like he can’t become a father again after the long gap of 10 years. Aiding him in his attempt is his British housekeeper Enid, portrayed by Elizabeth Bennett. It’s a good look at the single father who suddenly has a teenaged son on his hands. The episodes are filled with funny scenes as a grumpy Henry battles his well meaning but not always wise son!

Lunch @ Hotel Sea Park

As stated earlier, I had planned to go along with my team for a day long trip where we could get to spend most of the day having fun and forget all about work. But that plan got shafted due to the inefficiencies of others and it was a wasted opportunity and I feel so bad about it. I’m sure that my team members are also upset about it but they haven’t said a word yet. Still I know them, so I thought that I’d take them out for lunch atleast; I was using my own money and hence I could do whatever I wanted. So I smsed all the team and told them that not to bring their own lunches and that we would go out instead.

I left a little later than usual and reached the office. Our section of the office, in the ground level, looked a lot deserted being a public holiday on the occasion of Diwali. Only small groups of employees sat in sections and chatted while they did their work.  3 of my team members had arrived in the morning and the remaining 3 were to arrive around 2pm. I spent my time checking on a few things and then by 1:45 pm got my team into a cab and we headed over to Hotel Sea Park for lunch. One of my team members was reaching there directly. Joining us was a new member; he is a shared resource between my department and another and I thought it was a great opportunity for him to be completely comfortable with the group. He is somewhat but is finding the job tough.

So by 2pm we were all seated in the reserved table (oohh, fancy) and the waiter brought us the menus. After soup, we handed over a big list of the food that we wanted – 2 chicken fried rice, 2 Hyderabadi chicken biriyanis, 1 mixed noodles, 2 mixed fried rice, 1veggie fried rice, 1 hot pepper chicken, 1 fried beef, 1 chicken 65, 1 chilly beef, 1 chilli gobi, some other chicken stuff and a big fish fry. I had the fish fry and a Hyderabadi chicken biriyani which happens to be my usual order whenever I go to this hotel. We had some fun, we had a few laughs as we waited for the grub to come and once it did, all of us were busy in chewing & swallowing. Once the food was gone it was time for ice cream – casatta, fruit salads with ice cream, chocolate & vanilla ice cream. Always a good idea to have an ice cream at the end of a meal like that.

Well they had fun and so did I. Mission accomplished. I’m happy to do this for them as much as I can. Cause they deserve more.

Blast From Television’s Past

Torrent has opened up lots of viewing options & avenues for me. I’ve been downloading a few older series like Andromeda & Stargate SG1 early seasons. A few weeks ago I had completed the download of the original Battlestar Galactica and Galatica 1980 series both a big part of my childhood. Also the original V – miniseries, second mini series and the canceled 1st season. That one too brings back a lot of memories of growing up. Along with Star Trek : TOS these tv series represent a part of my childhood as well as for many others I’m sure. Watching them again and saving them for further viewing bring me back some of those  happy moments as a kid and innocence that we had during those wonderful years.

I was chatting with my sis the other day and we were discussing some of the old tv series that we used to enjoy as kids (she’s 40 and I’m 34, so we are talking 80s & early 90s). Gimme A Break, The A-Team, Knight Rider, Full House..etc were all discussed. What are the shows that you are most nostalgic about?

Here’s the opening credits of V the series.

One Horrible, Miserable, Fucked Up Day

What a nightmare this day has been? Or daymare, is that a word? I think there should be a word like that if there isn’t one. I’m too tired to check a dictionary, even an online one, so be a doll and check it out for me, will ya?

I’m ill, feverish, body pain and a slight cough. I came home early last evening and promptly went to lie down in bed. I rested a long time yesterday and hence did feel a little better by night. However I had a temperature throughout the night and woke up late this morning. Things were going ok in the morning; some rest and then I’d get up and sit at the computer trying to do some work, listen to some songs as well and field a few calls from the office. But this afternoon was a bloody fucking shit of a monster!

Things had gone really bad at the office with a couple of things. A couple of my team’s training batch trainees had goofed up big time in their reports & assignments and the clients had picked it up. They sent horrible emails and ofcourse I will be getting the brunt of it and it will be brought up time and again because. Then there was the matter of an employee from our office who was asked to  travel to Mumbai for two days for attending an official matter and was stuck there because after getting approval for the cost of her stay as things got messed up. And I spent most of the time from 2pm till 7:30 pm sorting those things out. I took & made as much as 60 calls in the afternoon to evening! My ears are hot, my phone is heated and my brain has turned to mush.

I’m tired, too tired even to complain and so I made some coffee and got a light snack when the phone rang up again. This time it’s the local boss – I had planned a team trip on Friday in order for my team to unwind and relax and have some fun after such a long time. The guys in my team were looking forward to it and so was I. The boss wants us to put the trip aside for now because of bad planning from the management team and they want us to work on Friday. It’s actually a holiday and they tell me this two days away from the trip. I’m going to try and give it another go when I meet him face to face but it won’t pan out I know. Sheesh!

Oh and when did I get to rest on my sick day? Search me, I haven’t got a clue.

Do You Ever Lie About Your Age?

Why would I want to lie about my age? I’m not a woman!

(waits for death threats from female readers to subside)

Ok now, let’s cut down the caffeine. No, I don’t lie about my age, atleast not anymore. People have thought that I am younger than my actual age. I was flattered to note that people at work thought, on my 34th birthday this August, that I was 27-29! Wow, with my out of shape body and big belly? Thanks but I’m not that young.

So I don’t lie about my age, unless you count a few harmless chat sessions on MiRC channels! Yes dear Pakistanis, I was the 21 year old nubile Indian hottie who had the hots for you and who ‘almost came’ with a few strokes of your keyboard! And was also getting her passport ready to come and meet you in Lahore! Lol, a few friends of mine and I had some fun with the chat program here and there.

But other than that I have never lied about my age. I guess it’s a sad thing, this passing of time but its inevitable that we all grow old and will die out one day. So why the fuck bother? I’m 34 and damn proud of it!

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Unlimited Internet Services On BlackBerry

I’ve been using my BlackBerry Curve 8320 from the 1st of January, 2010. 10 months later it is looking like a very obsolete device even though it is still awesome. That’s because RIM has since launched so many newer models that work & look so much better and offers a lot more as well. It still is a very nifty handset and I do have a lot of affection for it. Or Cindy as I refer to her!

When I bought the handset on 1st of Jan 2010, I immediately called up my service provider and activated the full BlackBerry internet service – given to me with a discount! Instead of their then charges of Rs.1099 a month, I got the same option for Rs.899 a month, unlimited browsing. I activated it and used it for a month after which I opted for the Rs.299 plan, with which I got the options for only 10 email accounts access and chat services like Gtalk & MSN. I was fine using that but if I was on the move and couldn’t get access to a connected laptop or desktop, I couldn’t get access to the internet.

Well now Vodafone has come out with a further discount on their BlackBerry Internet services. Unlimited browsing for just Rs.599 a month! That’s not bad at all. I waited a few days for the month to get over and then got it activated with effect from today. I’m able to use all the various options including the Twitter for BlackBerry services and such. That’s good and I’d also love to use Wikipedia and Google at a moment’s notice while outside of my apartment.

I Have A Soul That Has Been Saved

Of their 9th studio album, Backspacer, Amongst The Waves is Pearl Jam’s continuing love for the ocean and the waters of the world. Lyrically, the song kind of runs a ‘surfing-as-life-metaphor’. Slightly anthemic the song was written by guitarist Stone Gossard and the lyrics written by the ‘voice of a generation’, Eddie Vedder and was released on June 21, 2010 as the third single from that album.