2011 in 12 Sentences

January : The realization that I’ve been a deer in the speeding headlights of a bastard car, that corporate politics aren’t a nice thing to be caught up in and that sonsofbitches had the upper hand as I wasn’t high up the ladder!

February : Job hunt going on and hoping that I’d land up somewhere nice.

March : Sadness in leaving a place I had invested myself in for the past 4 yeas and leaving a good team and some good friends behind.

April : Knee deep in training new staff for a new process for a brand new company.

May : Drinking lots of black tea to stay away as I worked the night shifts of our overseas client’s requirements.

June : Found a place to stay, first time in a place that was a lodge. 2 rooms & a kitchen in an almost rural area in Chalakudy.

July : New place was terrible and so I had decided to leave it and stay at home and commute the longer distance from home to work & also first realization that things were not going well with the new company

August : Turned 35. Worked 4pm till 12 am and spent an hour and maybe longer each night in a bus trying to reach home so I could sleep in my own bed.

September : Realized that another client had screwed us over and that things were turning bleak

October : Bleak but still hopeful

November : Bleak & doom

December ; Bleak, doom but now finally some hope as the year ends. I cannot wait to see the ass end of 2011

2011 you sucked donkey balls!

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