Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Well today was the penultimate day in the current office for me. After 4 long years, the day has finally come. Today I was invited to have lunch with two ladies from our clients office – both who I have interacted with the most out of all the clients (dealing mainly with the training aspects). I was touched that they wanted to treat me to lunch as a thank you and a farewell. They picked me up near my office and we went to a new place in Kalammasery, owned by the Asset Group. We decided to try the buffet there. After a nice long talk with the two of them, lunch + desert, they gave me a small gift as a token of their appreciation. It’s a book by Robin Sharma titled Leadership Wisdom.

On my way back to the office, I stopped at a gift shop in HMT junction so I could buy my going away presents for my team. I wanted something that symbolizes unity & the team spirit that we have. I basically was looking for similar looking gifts, if I couldn’t get 6 of the same gift. I found some night lamps cum clocks that are shaped like sailing ships, which look very nice. I liked the fact that all looked kinda similar, of different colours but still quite same, and that they were ships. Why ships? See cause, I’ve often though of me being a captain of spaceship, flying off to different adventures and kinda like Star Trek. My team members would be my crew, my senior officers. Like Kirk or Picard or Sisko. And my team members would be in charge of various things like engineering, con, weapons & tactical, ops, science & navigation & communication. Silly dreams I know. But since I couldn’t find spaceships, normal ships were cool too.

So I got the gifts wrapped and I brought them back to the office. I sneaked them into a discussion room and called them in for a meeting. When the lights went on, I brought out the bags and handed them all their gifts and thanked them for being there for me. I talked about my leaving and the next few days & weeks and how critical it was to be strong as a team. Pretty soon all of them were tearing up and sniveling except me (I’m saving that for tomorrow) and I had to stop. We later went to have tea and snacks at around 6pm. Tomorrow – well that’s another story. I’m getting emotional now, so I better stop. Good night all.

Languages I Speak

I would count English as the only language that I can speak, write & read fluently. That’s a shame! I know. I can speak Malayalam, my native tongue, fluently but I can’t read or write. Big shame, I know! I can barely get by in Hindi, like a lot of people in the state and can understand a lot more than I can speak back. And I haven’t written in Hindi for a long time so I don’t really count that.

I do find it odd that I never learned to read & write Malayalam but…..I was born in Kuwait and grew up learning English & Hindi and a smattering of Arabic (which I have all but forgotten many years ago). We came back to India when I was 11 and when I was enrolled in school, my option after English & Hindi was Special English (just advanced reading with more importance on grammar & poetry) so I ended up not learning Malayalam at all. I can get by easily without being able to read the language at all and have been doing it for 34 years. But I still wish that I had spent some time when I was a kid in learning the language.

And I’d love to be able to speak other Indian languages like Tamil, Kannada and ofcourse other languages like Spanish, German and FRENCH! Ah, French is the most beautiful language in the world. It’s just amazing to hear & the expressions that they have. I’d love to be able to speak French well.

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