The Day After

So that was a very emotional last week at the office and now I no longer work there. It was weird waking up this morning and knowing that I won’t be going back to that office. However that is sure to pass in a few days. However I just want to add, I was feeling a bit feverish last night and I also had another major cry. A GM from the company, who used to previously be our DGM and center head here in Cochin, called me up at around 9:00 pm. I didn’t have his Calcutta number & initially did not recognize him as he had a cold and sounded very different. He called up to say thanks and say that it was the least that he could do in line of my contributions to the center and to training in particular. That meant a lot and I appreciated it and once I kept the call, I broke down.

Anyway, I took some crocin and then laid down to watch some videos on my laptop and pretty soon fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night with all the lights on and a scorching thirst. A drink of some water later, I switched off the lights and went back to sleep. Morning was very cloudy and gloomy and I didn’t feel like going out. So I stayed indoors and mopped around. I also spoke with two of my team members on a few things. After lunch I settled back in bed and watched two comedies that I had downloaded in advance, knowing that I would be depressed this day, in hopes that it would cheer me up. It did a bit.

The two movies, which ones you say? Well I was listening to someone say something about Adam Sandler movies and so the ones I downloaded were two of the first few that I had ever seen him in – Billy Madison & Happy Gilmore. He plays the title character in each and although I have seen both movies many times it was fun to watch them again. Ofcourse I would have enjoyed it a lot more had the afternoon not been so hot & sweaty. Despite that watching these two movies did take my mind off the rest of things for the few hours that it took to finish them. Although I had forgotten how annoying Sandler is when he makes that stupid, nonsensical  jibberish words and uses a whinny tone of voice to speak! Really annoying; I would have taken a shotgun to the character Billy Madison in the first 10 minutes of the movie! The rest of the film is pretty funny. So is Gilmore, where he does a lot more relaxed and natural playing of his character.

Well that’s that, my first day after resigning is coming to an end. It’s 10:32 pm, I’ve had my dinner and also some pineapple and a ready to wind down and maybe get in an early night. It’s gonna be a new era and a new life and I just hope it goes smoothly. Goodnite.