A Whole Lot Of Waiting

What a day! I left home a little before 9 am, got a direct bus to Thrissur abround 20 minutes later. One hour long bumpy ride later I was in the office. Due to a change in plans, my entire day has been just sitting around doing mostly nothing and a whole lot of waiting. The client spoc who was supposed to reach Kerala by 9:30 am and our office premises by 11am could not get the morning or afternoon flights. He called to apologize and said that he would take a later flight in the evening. We had planned a sitting for our employees along with him and our two consultants but that could easily be re-scheduled for tomorrow.

I let the trainees go home early today, by 4pm infact. The rest of us sat around in the office doing a little arranging and not much else. By 6pm some of us went for coffee and a snack and then settled back once again. By 7pm a car was sent to the airport to pick up the visiting client. I made a few calls, sent a few smses, surfed the net a bit…anything to beat back the boredom. By 8 pm we got the news that all flights were delayed and that they were expected to reach only around 9pm. By this time we knew that the meeting wasn’t going to take place. At 9pm the plan finally landed in the airport and the client was taken to his hotel. It’s 20 minutes later and I am waiting along with 2 tech guys for the car to come and pick us up. Its been a long boring day.